Qi Enabled Smartphone Car Mounts and Holders

Samsung continues to be one of the leaders when it comes to smartphone hardware technology.  Qi charging technology is another innovation where Samsung is leading the way.  Having to plug that lightning cable into my Apple iPhone 6s Plus every night is annoying.  The fact that I have an Otterbox Defender case makes it all that much more difficult.  I have great appreciation for this new charging technology.  The technology has been embraced by Samsung and a few other companies.  Sadly, not by Apple. The premise of Qi is pretty simple.  Place your phone on a wireless charging pad and your phone gets … Read more

Car and Motorcycle Mounts for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the most popular Android based phones currently available.  Readers of this site know that I’m a big fan of the Apple iPhone 6 but this phone’s a heck of a competitor.  We will discuss car and motorcycle mounts for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in a bit but first some important specifications. The size of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4  is very similar to the previous generation.  With a big 5.7 inch diagonal screen this phone is 6.04 inches tall by 3.09 inches wide by .33 inches deep.  These are important measurements to keep in … Read more

NFC: What is it and what can you do with it?

Let’s discuss NFC technology and how this fairly new technology can make your everyday life a little easier.  NFC has become quite popular with certain Android based smartphones and tablets manufactured over the past few years.  Not so much with Apple, although you might be surprised to know it’s used for Apple Pay. NFC stands for Near Field Communication. This technology allows devices to communicate with other devices.  Your device looks for what’s called an NFC tag.  A tag looks like a round or square adhesive disk with a small circuit board embedded into it.  You might be using this technology without even knowing … Read more

NFC Car Mounts for Smartphones and Tablets

Today, we’re going to talk about NFC car mounts.  NFC is an acronym for Near Field Communication. NFC technology allows smartphones and tablets communicate with other devices containing an NFC tag.  An NFC tag looks like a round or square adhesive disk with a small circuit board embedded into it.  You might be using this technology without even knowing it.  For example, you know the bump thing that’s done between smartphones to swap contact information and photos?  That’s NFC. NFC has been aggressively embraced by Google with their Android operating system and supporting hardware vendors.  They have recently purchased the Bump application to make … Read more

Some Help Fixing a Slow Samsung Galaxy Phone

Recently switching from an Apple iPhone 6s Plus to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge bought about some good and bad surprises.  Good stuff included the availability of wireless charging, NFC integration and a much broader and useful assortment of apps.  The bad surprises?  Well there were two.  The beveled edge is a pain.  I’m always mistakenly opened apps and pulling the edge apps open.  The second, and most surprising bad aspect is occasional performance lag.  We’re going to discuss a few ways to fix a slow Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Turns out that my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge isn’t the only … Read more