TomTom Via 1505, Via 1515, Via 1535 Car and Motorcycle Mounts

Arkon TTV179 ActionGarmin gets all the personal navigation device attention here in North America.  They make good GPS units, has US-based support and updated current mapping.  They are premium priced as a result.  If you would like to save a little money, there are other GPS manufacturers with TomTom one of the most prominent.  TomTom makes some nice GPS units with features that are similar to Garmin.  Today we are going to discuss mounts for one of their most popular GPS series which is known as the Via series of devices.

Let’s take a quick look at the series before diving into the mounts:

TomTom Via 1505 – This is a 5″ diagonal screen with map for the US and Canada.  The map display is a nice 3D display which compares favorably to what you would find on a Garmin Nuvi 52.

TomTom Via 1505M –   Same as the base 1505 but with a lifetime maps subscription for the US and Canada.  Updates are completed with a USB connection to your PC.  The map display is a nice 3D display which compares favorably to what you would find on a Garmin Nuvi 52LM. This unit has Active Lane Guidance which shows you exactly which lane to take before you approach an exit or turnoff.  This unit also includes Bluetooth integration for phone calls which has limited usefulness since most cars these days already has it integrated into the audio system.

TomTom Via 1535TM – Everything from the 1505M plus a lifetime traffic subscription.  Like any GPS with traffic, TomTom integrates the latest traffic information into your route to provide the fastest route to your destination.

All of these models come with the TomTom EasyPort Mount.  This mount leaves something to be desired.  I have used them with my TomTom and it wasn’t the most reliable as it fell off the windshield continuously.  The biggest problem with these was the difficulty in putting it on the windshield and maybe that’s the reason for it always falling off.  The mount consists of a vacuum lock that is activated with a dial and a ball that fits into the socket on the back of the GPS.  The challenge is in fitting your hand between the GPS and the dial.  Not a lot of room while you are sitting forward in your car seat.  Add to it the frequency of taking it down and putting it up, and you might want to think about a different mount.

The Arkon Windshield and Dash Sticky Mount for TomTom Via is a suitable replacement for this series.  Unlike the one you got in the box, this mount has plenty of room to fit your hand between the GPS and the base of the mount.  The suction cup has a vacuum lock that is activated by a lever.  A nice feature of this mount is the ability to use it on your dashboard as well as your windshield.  The mount has the ball needed to fit the back of your TomTom Via.  The secret to inserting this ball mount is to push and twist.  It comes with a 2-year warranty so you know it’s well made and can get a replacement if you have any issues within the warranty period.

The car vent is one of my favorite places to mount a GPS.  It is close to your eye level when driving while out of the line of sight for thieves trolling a parking lot looking to rob your electronics.  The Arkon Vent Mount for TomTom has the adapter needed to fit the back of your TomTom Via.  The mount works well on horizontal vents and is easy to install and remove as it attaches to the vent slats using two hooks.  The GPS can pivot and swivel once you get it installed.  The attachment slips on and off the mount so when you want to remove the GPS, just slide it upwards off the mount.  This is a mounting kit for almost all the TomTom models made to date.  There are a bunch of adapters, just select the one with the ball on the end.

The motorcycle presents a small challenge as there are no custom cradle mounts that we know of.  The TomTom Via 1500 series measures 3.7 x 5.3 x 1.8 inches.  The challenge on this GPS series is with the design of the unit.  There is a rounded back with a speaker coupled with a very thick case.  We will go with the Arkon Water Resistant GPS Case Mount.  This is a great mount as it will protect your GPS from the elements.  The case has a cable port at the bottom and the mount fits handlebars to 1.25 inches diameter.  The clear film on the front allows the user to interface with the GPS using their fingers (not with gloves).  Keep in mind the case is weather resistant, not waterproof.  It works well when in light rain.  Few, if any, weather resistant cases will hold up well in a pouring driving rain so you will want to remove the GPS when the weather turns bad.  The case is made to remove from the mount.  The mount attaches to your handlebars with included bolts.