TomTom Bandit Action Camera Mounts

The Arkon GP132 Fits the TomTom BanditSmartphones have certainly deteriorated the vehicle GPS market.  As a result, companies like TomTom are reinventing themselves.  Once totally reliant upon car and motorcycle GPS devices for revenue, TomTom has diversified into other devices.  The TomTom Bandit is an example of this diversification.  This is an excellent action camera that competes nicely with other popular brands including GoPro and Garmin.

The mounts that come with the TomTom Bandit depend upon which package was purchased.  The base package includes a few surface mounts and a GoPro adapter.  If you opt for the premium package, you also get a handlebar mount and a  360 mount plus several other accessories.  In my opinion, the less expensive base package is the better way to go as I find the extra mounts to be of limited value.

The key to finding a good mount is to use the TomTom Bandit GoPro Adapter and then select from the hundreds of different mounts available for the more popular GoPro series.  The top has the connectors for the TomTom Bandit and the bottom has the dual grooved connector needed for any GoPro mount.  It’s the same mounting pattern that’s found on the bottom of any GoPro weatherproof case that comes with the camera and is typically used when mounting a GoPro Hero outdoors.  So think about where you want to mount the TomTom Bandit, then find the best GoPro mount for the job.

For motorcycle or bicycle use, a good handlebar mount is suggested and the RAM Motorcycle Handlebar Mount for GoPro Hero is one of the best mounts available.  The TomTom bandit GoPro adapter will attach to the GoPro attachment that is included with this mount.  The mount is constructed of marine grade powder coated metal and comes with a lifetime warranty.  The u-bolt fits handlebars from .5 to 1.25 inches diameter so it’s going to fit almost anything.  The arm in the middle is three inches high and swivels on a ball and socket at the base and the adapter.  It’s a great mount that’s likely to last longer than your camera.

The second mount recommended for handlebar use is the Arkon GoPro Handlebar Mount with custom GoPro attachment.  That’s the one in the photo that accompanies this article.  This can be adjusted just below the camera attachment.  The mount includes rubber strips to prevent marring your handlebars.  Unlike the RAM mount, there is only a small extension and this mount is better for motorcycle or bicycle owners looking for a near flush mount to the handlebar.  This mount is made of plastic but it includes a tightening knob which is a nice added feature.

I’m surprised that TomTom doesn’t offer a suction cup mount for the TomTom Bandit.  I think a lot of owners would like to use this attached to a car windshield or perhaps a dashboard.  For this purpose, we will again use the TomTom Bandit GoPro adapter.  The Arkon Sticky Suction Windshield or Dash Mount Holder for GoPro HERO is an interesting entry that can be used on a textured car dash as well as a windshield.  The bottom of the mount has a sticky substance that can stick to almost any smooth clean flat surface.  The manufacturer includes the tightening knob on this mount as well.

The GoPro adapter that TomTom includes is probably one of the accessories that many will think is a throw away part.  It’s not.  Use this accessory to open up a huge variety of mounting solutions for your TomTom Bandit action camera.