The Joy Factory Unite Universal Tablet Wall Mount

The Joy Factory Unite Universal Tablet Wall MountTablets mounts for your home or office is a mostly ignored opportunity from the mount manufacturers (and by this web site).  The Joy Factory Unite Universal Tablet Carbon Fiber Wall Mount is a nice tablet wall mount for your mid to large size tablet on a wall or cabinet.  This is one of the better made mounts available for tablets.

There are a lot of uses for this tablet wall mount.  My favorite is the kitchen where using an application such as Allrecipes for cooking instructions.  Believe me when I tell you that placing your tablet in a mount where you can swing it out-of-the-way is superior to leaving it on the counter where I have spilled all sorts of things on the screen.  A second use for this type of mount is the home office for FaceTime or any video conferencing software is in use.  Holding the tablet in your hand and trying to aim it at your face gets old really fast.  Leaving it in a stable mount will make you and your caller a lot happier.  The other place worthy of mention is a bedroom or living room for mounting the tablet for watching movies using NetFlix, Amazon Prime or any streaming service.  This is another of those accessions where holding the tablet with your hand gets tiring real quickly.  The mount alleviates that problem for sure.

This tablet wall tablet mount has a superior build to many of the other mounts I have seen for this purpose.  The mount is made of mostly carbon fiber and features three adjustment points within the mount itself.  The base of the mount has a series of pre-drilled mounting holes for attachment to a wall or cabinet.  When installing the mount, I suggest finding a beam to screw it into or use molly bolts.  The weight of the mount and tablet can potentially pulls from the wall without a beam or molly bolts.

The included cradle opens large enough for 7 – 12 inch tablets and can be swiveled from portrait to landscape mode without removing it from the cradle.  There are two model cradles to choose from.  The basic model includes a cradle that is .65 inches deep and this is fine for most tablets without a case or skin, as well as those with a thin skin.  For thicker skins like a LifeProof case, use the deeper one inch cradle model.  Most tablets on the market should fit fine with or without a case or skin, as long as you select the right size cradle.  Insertion and removal of the tablet is quick and simple with both model cradles.

This is a heavy-duty mount and as such is perfect for home or commercial applications.  I find myself checking out more and more in small businesses using a tablet where I am asked to sign using my finger.  Sometimes, it’s a bit clumsy having the person behind the counter handing me a tablet.  A mount such as this makes it easy to simply swing it from the retailer to the customer for review and signature.

The Joy Factory Unite Universal Tablet Carbon Fiber Wall Mount makes using a tablet for long period of time or commercial purposes a lot easier than using your hands.  It’s a true hands-free mounting solution.  Although the cost is a bit more than other mounts, the design and build make it a worthwhile consideration.