Phone and GPS Mounts for a Yamaha V Star Motorcycle

The Yamaha Star line of motorcycles have been around for over twenty years and are still being made.  Today, we are looking at mounts for a Yamaha V Star motorcycle. The photo that accompanies this article is of a Yamaha V Star cockpit.  That’s a mighty big looking gas tank with a handlebar in front.  It should be no surprise that we will stick with mounts for the handlebar location. We aren’t big fans of the gas tank as a mounting point because that typically involves using an adhesive or suction mount.  There is one adhesive blend that we like … Read more

Motorcycle Gas Tank Mounts for Phones

There are a few motorcycles out there with almost nowhere to easily mount a cell phone.  No handlebar space.  The fork stem is too small.  The clutch mount just doesn’t fit all that well.  I guess you could drill a hole somewhere but who wants to do that.  For some of those difficult motorcycle models, the gas tank mount is the only way to go.  So let’s take a closer look at Motorcycle Gas Tank Mounts for Phones. To start, you need a motorcycle with a big enough gas tank surface area.  Something similar to what you see on the … Read more

Mounts for Yamaha YZF-R3 Motorcycles

The Yamaha YZF-R3 is one of the company’s best selling motorcycles.  The challenge of mounting anything on this model motorcycle is the lack of a traditional handlebar.  Brands like Harley-Davidson make mounting phones, GPS devices and cameras easy because these have a traditional handlebar with a lot of real estate.  Just pick a well made handlebar mount with a quality holder, attach it to the handlebar and off you go.  Not so with the Yamaha YZF-R3.  So let’s take a look at some options. As I investigated what types of mounts fit the Yamaha YZF-R3, I found it to be … Read more

How to Install a RAM Motorcycle Handlebar Mount

Look at all those parts!  It might look a little daunting but it’s actually quite easy to install a RAM motorcycle handlebar mount.  This article will walk you through the process. The common components to any RAM motorcycle handlebar mount are the RAM Zinc Coated U-Bolt Mounting Base with 1 inch Ball and the Ram Mount Double Socket Arm.  While there are three different sizes of 1″ ball arms, I have found the standard size to work in most situations.  Typically, but not always, these are purchased as a kit along with a RAM Mounting Diamond.  These components are what is used to … Read more

Techmount Phone Mounts for Motorcycles

We have written about the Techmount motorcycle line in several past articles.  Techmount makes good durable mounts for electronics.  Today, we are concentrating on their products made for mounting a smartphone. Techmount offers a few different smartphone cradles.  In my opinion, the best for motorcycle use is the Techmount TechGripper which features a spring-loaded cradle that opens to four-inches.  Four inches is large enough for most smartphones with or without a case or skin.  It’s even large enough for some GPS units and can provide a grip that’s more secure than the mounts that come with some GPS models.  When closed, this cradle … Read more