Mounts for the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Tablet at Home or in the Car

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite is a popular line of tablets running the Android operating system.  We are going to look at home and car mounts for the 7-inch model of Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite. Typically, the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite will normally be used at home or in the car.  Generally speaking, this is a tablet used for entertainment purposes.  It’s not normally used to run driving apps such as Waze.  So for the car, we’ll concentrate more on mounts to entertain back seat passengers. Before selecting a mount, be aware of the measurements of the … Read more

Tablet Mounts for Wheelchairs

I had to make several visits to a rehabilitation center last year.  I noticed a few patients getting around in wheelchairs with a tablet in their lap.  It didn’t look easy.  There appeared to be a fine balance between moving the wheelchair forward and not dropping the tablet.  These weren’t powered wheelchairs.  Today we’re talking about tablet mounts for wheelchairs. A good wheelchair mount needs to be able to do a few things right.  First, it needs to be easily installed somewhere on the wheelchair without drilling holes.  I like to use clamp and vice bases for this application. The wheelchair … Read more

Car and Truck Cup Holder Tablet Mounts

Car and truck cup holder tablet mounts have some unique requirements versus those made for a cell phone or GPS.  They need to be able to hold a heavier device so need to seat themselves more securely within the cup holder.  Cup holder tablet mounts also need to extend themselves higher than ones made for smaller devices.  In other words, cup holder tablet mounts need a longer neck to accommodate the larger size of a tablet.  Especially when you start looking at cup holder tablet mounts for devices as large as an Apple iPad Pro. A cup holder is a … Read more

How to Attach an Apple iPad to a Microphone Stand

Tablets, especially the Apple iPad Pro or Apple iPad Air, can be a musician’s best friend.  Many tasks previously using paper or even worse, a laptop, can now be accomplished on an Apple iPad.  The most common reason for attaching any tablet to a microphone stand is for sheet music.  Sure, you could print it off, but that’s nearly as cool as using a tablet.  Hence, the reason for our article on how to attach an Apple iPad to a microphone stand. The most common type of mount used for attachment to a microphone stand are those that have a clamp … Read more

Mounting a Tablet Under a Kitchen Cabinet

There are a lot of reasons to mount a tablet under a kitchen cabinet. The tablet is a life altering device and you really don’t notice the effects until you sit back and look at how you did things ten years ago versus how you do it now. I was recently cooking dinner using a recipe from my favorite cooking site  Had my tablet out on the counter where I promptly coated the majority of the lens with flour.  Had I used a tablet mount, the device would have been elevated out-of-the-way and at eye level, not to mention … Read more