Mounting a Tablet Under a Kitchen Cabinet

There are a lot of reasons to mount a tablet under a kitchen cabinet. The tablet is a life altering device and you really don’t notice the effects until you sit back and look at how you did things ten years ago versus how you do it now. I was recently cooking dinner using a recipe from my favorite cooking site  Had my tablet out on the counter where I promptly coated the majority of the lens with flour.  Had I used a tablet mount, the device would have been elevated out-of-the-way and at eye level, not to mention … Read more

Tablet Mounts for Hospital Beds

A recent visit to a rehabilitation center and observing patients with large tablets leaning on their laps and stomachs led me to write this article about tablet mounts for hospital beds.  A tablet with an internet connection is important for someone spending some time away from home.  It helps to stay connected and see what’s going on in the world.  Downtime in a rehab center is long and boring.  Having a tablet allows the patient to keep in touch via email or FaceTime.  It provides some entertainment with news and game apps.  You can even watch TV with the Comcast application. … Read more

Tablet Mounts for Trucks and Rigs

Today’s topic is tablet mounts for trucks and rigs.  Mounting a device in a truck has unique requirements that differ from placing it in a car.  A truck has a much deeper reach to the windshield so a basic suction cup mount will prove to be inconvenient. Most car mounts that are sold for tablets are a few inches long and will not suffice for use in a truck.  It’s difficult for a truck driver to reach forward that far so a suction mount that’s really long is what’s needed.  I have also found that truckers are more receptive to bolting a … Read more