Arkon Center Extension Car Headrest Tablet Mount Review

The Arkon Center Extension Car Headrest Tablet Mount is a very innovative headrest mount.  I have used a lot of headrest mounts over the years.  This one has features I have not seen before and worth consideration for backseat passengers.  We take a closer look at this car headrest mount. The best car headrest mounts have some common characteristics.  It needs to have a universal holder that can accommodate varying sizes of devices including those with a case or skin.  Ideal headrest mounts will extend to the middle between the front seats so that multiple passengers can watch at the same … Read more

Car and Motorcycle Mounts for Apple iPad Air 2

The Apple iPad Air 2 is what you get when the Mini is too small and the iPad is too large. This is Apple’s latest generation in their very successful mid-size tablet category.  The iPad Air 2 has some nice performance improvements versus the original iPad Air.  The A8 processor is 1.4x faster than the prior model and you can stuff the iPad Air 2 with up to 128GB of memory versus the older model where it topped out at 32GB.  The graphics processor is 2.5x faster and that’s a significant performance boost.  The back camera is better too at 8 MP versus … Read more

Car Headrest Mounts for Tablets, Phones and Cameras

Car headrests were first mandated to be installed in vehicles back in the 1960’s.  Headrests haven’t changed a lot since that time.  They are typically supported by a post on each side of the headrest.  These posts make an ideal mount point for tablets, phones and cameras.  Car headrest mounts are especially useful for keeping backseat passengers entertained with your tablet.  The posts to the headrest are typically the place where you would attach the mount.  The headrest is also a great place to mount a camera for taking video of the views in front or behind the car.  Let’s review … Read more