Treadmill Mounts for an Apple iPad or Other Tablet

Treadmills might be one of the most boring machines I use at Planet Fitness.  Clearly, I’m no workout guru, heck, this is Planet Fitness.  But I know the benefits of a good cardio workout.  I also know the effects of boredom and non-working TVs at Planet Fitness.  hence, our article on treadmill mounts for an Apple iPad or other tablet. When working out at my local Planet Fitness, they have a bank of televisions.  Half don’t work, the other half are tuned into CNN or Fox News.  That just adds to the monotony of working out.  I need something entertaining. … Read more

Tablet Mounts for Wheelchairs

I had to make several visits to a rehabilitation center last year.  I noticed a few patients getting around in wheelchairs with a tablet in their lap.  It didn’t look easy.  There appeared to be a fine balance between moving the wheelchair forward and not dropping the tablet.  These weren’t powered wheelchairs.  Today we’re talking about tablet mounts for wheelchairs. A good wheelchair mount needs to be able to do a few things right.  First, it needs to be easily installed somewhere on the wheelchair without drilling holes.  I like to use clamp and vice bases for this application. The wheelchair … Read more

How to Attach an Apple iPad to a Microphone Stand

Tablets, especially the Apple iPad Pro or Apple iPad Air, can be a musician’s best friend.  Many tasks previously using paper or even worse, a laptop, can now be accomplished on an Apple iPad.  The most common reason for attaching any tablet to a microphone stand is for sheet music.  Sure, you could print it off, but that’s nearly as cool as using a tablet.  Hence, the reason for our article on how to attach an Apple iPad to a microphone stand. The most common type of mount used for attachment to a microphone stand are those that have a clamp … Read more

Industrial Heavy Duty Tablet Mounts

Tablets have made their way into industrial warehouse settings.  Broken tablets have also made their way into industrial warehouse settings.  It’s time for an article on heavy duty tablet mounts.  We are going to look at heavy duty tablet mounts with universal cradles.  This means they are going to fit mainstream tablets such as the Apple iPad, Apple iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Tab with or without a case or skin. Many of today’s warehouse management application suites have a mobile option that runs on an Apple iPad.  I have even seen stand alone inventory apps.  Makes sense.  Tablets are … Read more

Arkon Gooseneck Tablet Mount for Wheelchair Use

The Arkon Table Desk or Wheelchair Tablet Clamp Mount has been available for a few years.  It is one of the most useful tablet mounts for wheelchairs and hospital beds that I have seen.  It’s also going to work well for tables and desks.  It’s a very well made product and backed by the manufacturer’s two-year warranty.  Let’s take a more detailed view and discuss practical application of this product as a wheelchair tablet mount. I recently visited someone in a rehabilitation facility.  Naturally there were a lot of patients in wheelchairs.  They were mostly, if not all, patients that were there … Read more

Car and Home Mounts for the Apple iPad Pro

Today we are talking about the Apple iPad Pro.  This is the mother of all iPads.  This is the iPad that serious tablet users have been waiting for.  The display is Apple’s best to date.  We’re talking about up to 5.6 million pixels on the screen (compared with 3.1 million on the iPad Air 2).  For sound, we have four speakers on the top and bottom versus the one or two on the bottom of the other iPad models.  The iPad Pro features a new chip that is the fastest yet.  Apple also announced some nice accessories that will work with … Read more