Arkon Sirius XM Satellite Radio Lighter Socket Car Mount

The Arkon Sirius XM Satellite Radio Lighter Socket Car Mount was one of the first mounts that I ever used for my old Delphi Roady Radio.  In fact there’s a photo of the mount in my Hyundai Santa Fe.  I think that photo is over ten years ago.  It’s a good mount that lasted a long time and was reused when I moved over to Sirius and used a Sportster in my car.  I then used it again when I upgraded to a Stratus. The Hyundai was traded in a long while ago and the newer cars had Sirius XM built into … Read more

How to Choose the Right Sirius Satellite Radio Model

I have been a fan of satellite radio since the beginning.  In fact, it’s how I became an expert in the field of mounting.  That’s a photo of my first satellite radio that’s next to this article.  It had a nice windshield mount that’s still in use today.  You can even see my old Garmin mount for a real old Streetpilot GPS.  This was one of the first satellite radios that was ever offered.  It was put out by Delphi and was called the Skyfi.  It was probably twice the size of today’s portable offerings.  Functionality wise, it had ten … Read more

XM and Sirius Satellite Radio Mounts

Ever wonder how became mount experts?  A long time ago, being one of the first to get Sirius XM Radio and tired of having our radio plop onto the floor because the sticky tape didn’t hold, we found a mount that attached to the back of the Skyfi cradle that also attached to the car seat bolt.  And it just went forward from there. Satellite Radio has come a long way since we sold our first mount.  There are millions of subscribers and some pretty cool music and personalities on XM and Sirius.  Remarkably though, the mounts are as bad today … Read more