How to Mount a Smartphone to a Microphone Stand

Now that many smartphones are as large as a small tablet, it’s possible to mount them to a microphone stand and actually see what’s on them.  My Apple iPhone 6s Plus has a 5.5 inch diagonal screen and measures 6.23 inches tall, 3.07 inches wide and .29 inches deep.  That’s not much smaller than a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.  So now it’s worthwhile to look at how to mount a smartphone to a microphone stand. There are lots of applications that can teach you how to play the piano or guitar.  There are applications for displaying music.  There are a bunch that display a … Read more

Can You Replace a Garmin Zumo with a Smartphone?

Can you replace a Garmin Zumo with a smartphone?  That’s a question that most never thought it would be possible to ask.  But as you will see as this article progresses, it’s possible.  Not only is it possible but a lot of people are doing it. At a recent motorcycle rally, I checked out a few thousand bikes.  The number of motorcycles with a smartphone mount outnumbered those with a Garmin Zumo mount.  I was surprised by this, and that’s how I got the idea to write this article. First, let’s look at the advantages of a dedicated motorcycle GPS like a … Read more

Phone Mounts and Holders for Beds and Nightstands

More and more people are going to sleep with their phones.  I have an Apple iPhone 6s Plus and it goes everywhere with me including to bed.  If I can’t sleep and want to watch the news, I have my iPhone right there next to me to do that.  I realized there must be a better way to watch the news with my iPhone so investigated how to do that.  That’s how I gathered the information for this article on cell phone mounts and holders for beds and dressers. The challenge for selecting a good phone holder is that it needs to … Read more

Bicycle Phone Mounts

It’s difficult to ride a bike with a smartphone in your pocket.  That’s assuming you have a pocket.  A smartphone is a pretty useful device to take along for a ride.  Besides the obvious advantage of making sure you do not miss a call, a phone is useful on a bicycle for at least a few of the widely used apps.  Hence, today’s article on bicycle phone mounts. First, you will find your phone makes a pretty useful GPS when used with one of the many applications for this purpose.  You can read our article on Waze, which we recommend … Read more

CD Player Cell Phone Car Mounts

Does anyone really use these any longer for CDs?  Digital content has made the CD player an almost useless device in most cars.  It’s so much easier to load your content to your smartphone and then stream the audio to your car speakers.  Most vehicles manufactured over the past several years have a USB port and an interface for streaming your music.  Some permit use of Bluetooth.  Others may use an FM transmitter connected to your device.  You can read about FM transmitters here. So what you do with the CD Player?  Use it as a place to mount your … Read more

Car Air Vent Mounts

The air vent is one of my favorite mounting locations.  I like it because it keeps the device right where it’s convenient for you to see it.  I also like the fact that it keeps your device out of clear site of any potential bad guys.  Car air vent mounts are not clearly seen in a parking lot versus a traditional windshield suction cup mount or one for the dash.  Most dash mounts are easy to install.  Depending upon the vent mount, some are easy to remove (and some are not). Car air vent mounts are excellent for mounting a cell phone, … Read more