Phone and GPS Tethers for Motorcycle Mounts

You may have noticed that we typically suggest using a tether when mounting a smartphone or GPS on a motorcycle.  While most well made motorcycle mounts will give you a secure hold on your device, it’s always good to have a fallback.  A tether is an additional accessory that typically attaches to the mount or the handlebar as an added measure of stability.  It adds stability to the mount and is especially useful if using your phone to record video of your ride. We have seen a lot of homegrown tethers.  Some have involved a drop of silicone on the … Read more

Bicycle Phone Mounts

It’s difficult to ride a bike with a smartphone in your pocket.  That’s assuming you have a pocket.  A smartphone is a pretty useful device to take along for a ride.  Besides the obvious advantage of making sure you do not miss a call, a phone is useful on a bicycle for at least a few of the widely used apps.  Hence, today’s article on bicycle phone mounts. First, you will find your phone makes a pretty useful GPS when used with one of the many applications for this purpose.  You can read our article on Waze, which we recommend … Read more

Choosing the Right Cell Phone Motorcycle Mount

I have walked around motorcycle rallies to check out (what else) mounts.  It’s amazing to see what people attach to their bikes and how they do it.  We see a lot of different mounts on motorcycles.  Amazingly, we also see iPhones attached with Velcro and twist ties.  That’s right, twist ties.  I often wonder how many phones wind up in the middle on interstate 80 when the twist ties give out.  There’s a good chance your phone sells for over $500.  Invest a little money to make sure you don’t lose it on your ride.  This article will discuss what you … Read more