Arkon Mega Grip Cradle and Mounts Still One of My Favorites

The Arkon Mega Grip cradle has been around for many years.  It remains one of my favorites and in fact, this is one of the mounts that I use regularly for my Apple iPhone 6s Plus. There’s a lot top like about this holder.  Unlike most expandable cradles, this opens with a button on the side.  It’s one of the few cradles that can be operated with one hand.  Press the button and the arms on both sides snap open.  The cradle is well made and can be easily closed around the device by simply pressing the sides against the … Read more

Good Inexpensive Motorcycle Cell Phone Mounts

I decided to write this article after attending the 2016 Gooch’s Garlic Run.  This is an event held in Northern New Jersey every June to benefit needy families.  I try to attend annually.  It’s a lot of fun to walk around and watch the activity.  It’s also interesting to see what mounts are deployed.  Some good. Some really bad.  It’s time for an article on good inexpensive motorcycle cell phone mounts. Motorcycle riders like to mount a lot of devices.  Phones, cameras, drinks, satellite radios.  Didn’t see anyone mounting any tablets this year but have seen a few Apple iPads … Read more

Blink Home Security Camera System Mounts

The Blink Home Security Camera System is a new device that is the byproduct of a recent Kickstarter campaign. They have a lot of lofty product plans as they try to fit the product space that’s halfway between a home security camera and an affordable home security system.  The mounts provided with the Blink Home Security Camera System are very limited.  We are going to recommend some alternative mounts for the Blink Camera. We don’t review cameras on this site but can recommend this thorough review on the Blink Home Security Camera System. If you’re reading this article, it’s likely you may … Read more

Phone Mounts for Boats and Marine Applications

Phone mounts for boats and marine applications is a topic I thought would be appropriate now that the warm months have arrived here in New Jersey.  The idea for this article came from a friend that was telling me the story of how he had an iPhone stuck in his shirt pocket and bent over the side of the boat to bring in a fish and you can guess what happened next.  That’s right, his iPhone is now at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.  He admitted to me that was one of the dumbest things he has ever done … Read more

Cell Phone Mounts for Wheelchairs

A recent walk through a rehabilitation center with patients carrying their cell phones on their laps reminded me to write this article.  Moving around in a wheelchair is difficult and having to worry about your phone while doing it makes it worse.  So here we go with some suggestions for cell phone mounts for wheelchairs. Although there are a few exceptions, most wheelchairs are built similarly.  They are constructed of metal circular bars with padding added to the armrest.  The diameter of the round bars are typically in the .75 to 1.25 inch range.  You will see some mounts out … Read more

Bicycle Phone Mounts

It’s difficult to ride a bike with a smartphone in your pocket.  That’s assuming you have a pocket.  A smartphone is a pretty useful device to take along for a ride.  Besides the obvious advantage of making sure you do not miss a call, a phone is useful on a bicycle for at least a few of the widely used apps.  Hence, today’s article on bicycle phone mounts. First, you will find your phone makes a pretty useful GPS when used with one of the many applications for this purpose.  You can read our article on Waze, which we recommend … Read more