Car and Motorcycle Mounts for an Old Navigon GPS

I became a big fan of Navigon about ten years ago.  Their software and hardware was ahead of the rest.  That included Garmin, TomTom and Magellan.  There must have been something to it because Garmin purchased Navigon in 2011.  They quickly discontinued Navigon hardware but integrated some of their unique software features into today’s GPS, especially around the traffic views on the Garmin Nuvi and Drive GPS. Although you can’t buy a new Navigon GPS, you can purchase their iOS or Android apps.  I see the iOS app available for around $50.  Never tried it as I’m a fan of Waze … Read more

Car and Motorcycle Mounts for a Nextar GPS

Nextar was a GPS manufacturer that marketed GPS devices globally.  Several years ago, they stopped marketing to North America.  If anyone has a Nextar GPS and needs a custom cradle, it’s going to be a real challenge to find.  Especially for older GPS devices. So what should you do if you’re mount is broken and you still have affection for your Nextar GPS?  That’s a good question. You likely found this article by searching on the terms ‘Nextar Mount’.  So we’ll try to help with some suggestions for car and motorcycle mounts for a this GPS. There were a lot of different Nextar models.  They were priced … Read more

Can You Replace a Garmin Zumo with a Smartphone?

Can you replace a Garmin Zumo with a smartphone?  That’s a question that most never thought it would be possible to ask.  But as you will see as this article progresses, it’s possible.  Not only is it possible but a lot of people are doing it. At a recent motorcycle rally, I checked out a few thousand bikes.  The number of motorcycles with a smartphone mount outnumbered those with a Garmin Zumo mount.  I was surprised by this, and that’s how I got the idea to write this article. First, let’s look at the advantages of a dedicated motorcycle GPS like a … Read more

Garmin DriveSmart 50 60 70 Car and Motorcycle Mounts

As mentioned in previous articles, Garmin has discontinued their decade old Nuvi line and replaced it with the Drive series.  There are four different lines that comprise their Drive Series.  The most basic GPS is the Garmin Drive and we wrote extensively about these devices here.  The Garmin DriveSmart is the step up from the Drive.  These devices carry all the basic GPS features found in the Drive which includes traffic and lifetime map updates.  The DriveSmart adds the ability to interface with your smartphone via Bluetooth.  This means you can make calls using the microphone and speakers on the … Read more

Mounts for the Garmin Edge 1000 Cycling GPS

The Garmin Edge 1000 is one of the best cycling GPS units available.  Unlike other cycling GPS units, the Edge 1000 features an extra large 3.0″ diagonal display.  Similar to Garmin motorcycle line, the Edge 1000 has a glove-friendly, touchscreen display that adjusts automatically for low-light areas, such as shade and tunnels.  This means that the screen does not require human touch and that gloves can be worn while using the unit.  The Edge 1000 supports Smart Notifications which will allow you to see your text, email and call notifications from your Bluetooth connected smartphone while riding.  The Edge 1000 is made for cyclists … Read more

Choosing the Right Cell Phone Motorcycle Mount

I have walked around motorcycle rallies to check out (what else) mounts.  It’s amazing to see what people attach to their bikes and how they do it.  We see a lot of different mounts on motorcycles.  Amazingly, we also see iPhones attached with Velcro and twist ties.  That’s right, twist ties.  I often wonder how many phones wind up in the middle on interstate 80 when the twist ties give out.  There’s a good chance your phone sells for over $500.  Invest a little money to make sure you don’t lose it on your ride.  This article will discuss what you … Read more