Car Mounts for the Rocky Mountain Phantom-T Radar Detector

The Rocky Mountain Phantom-T radar detector is a tried and true device which has worked well for me over the years.  However, the included mount leaves a lot to be desired.  This is an expensive radar detector, yet the included mount leaves something to be desired. The problem with the included mount starts at the small suction cups that are attached to the metal clip.  They tend to dry up and become ineffective.  Especially with weather extremes such as what we run into in New Jersey.  Very cold in the winter.  Very hot and humid in the summer.  Anyway, that … Read more

Radar Detector Motorcycle Mounts

I know I shouldn’t speed and typically don’t but it sure is nice to know when to look down at my speedometer to ensure that I am at or below the current speed limit.  Using a radar detector is legal within most US states.  They are simply to attach to any car windshield using the included suction mount that comes with the radar detector.  Not so simple when it comes to a motorcycle.  We never recommend using a suction cup on a motorcycle but especially not the ones that come with most radar detectors.  They are way too small and … Read more

Mounting a Radar Detector Anywhere BUT the Windshield

Did you know that in some states it is illegal to have anything stuck on your windshield?  It you are in California or Minnesota and we hear it is starting in Florida, you will receive a ticket for having it attached to your windshield and you can read more about that here.  They don’t mind you having the detector, it’s where you put it.  Although, be aware, some states do mind if you have one of these, so be careful that you are using a detector where it is legal. While we find some radar detector manufacturers (like Escort) typically … Read more