Phone Mounts for a Baby Stroller

Phone mounts for baby strollers.  Great idea.  It’s difficult to push a stroller with one hand while holding your phone with the other hand.  Sure, you can go straight, but turns are a real problem.  Mounting a phone to a stroller puts it where you can see it.  Now turns are much easier. So that’s the purpose of this article.  We’re going to discuss a few good options for mounting your smartphone to a stroller or (for old school readers), a baby carriage.  We’re going to talk about places to put it for the adult driver of the stroller, not … Read more

Easily Portable Motorcycle Phone Mounts

We have plenty of articles on this site about cell phone mounts and holders for motorcycles.  The vast majority of them require tools like a screwdriver or wrench to install.  These mounts are made to be installed and left on the motorcycle when not in use.  Today, we are discussing mounts that are made to be easily installed and most importantly, easily removed.  For the purposes of definition, easily portable motorcycle phone mounts means that the holder installs without any tools and takes no more than a minute or two to install and remove. As we consider portable motorcycle phone mounts, I’m … Read more

RAM Tough-Claw Handlebar and Rail Mount Base

The RAM Tough-Claw Base is a recent introduction by RAM Mounts.  This augments a rather extensive line of well made handlebar mounts.  RAM makes great mounts and we have been recommending their products for rugged environments for a long time. For many years, we have been recommending the standard RAM U-Bolt Handlebar Base for motorcycle use.  This base has been around for a long time.  It consists of a 1″ ball attached to a u-bolt base which accommodates rails up to 1.25 inches diameter.  The u-bolt is attached to your handlebar (or any round bar) using a pair of lock nuts. … Read more