Garmin Nuvi Car Air Vent Mount Product Spotlight

The Garmin Nuvi series has been around for many years.  Ironically, the Garmin Nuvi Car Air Vent Mount was only recently introduced.  This was a real lost opportunity as several well known manufacturers sold thousands, perhaps millions of vent mounts at the expense of Garmin.  A real lost opportunity. The air vent is one of my favorite mounting locations.  I like it because it keeps the device near your line of site where it’s easy to see.  I also like the fact that it keeps your device out of clear site of any potential bad guys.  A vent mount is not … Read more

Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera

The Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera can be added to many of their latest Nuvi and Dezl GPS units.  The backup camera is an excellent addition for vehicles that do not have one already installed or for trailers that do not likely have a backup camera.  While certainly not a substitute for turning your head to check for oncoming vehicles, a backup camera is useful for backing into spaces to ensure you will not hit the object behind you.  The backup camera integrates with the GPS device and leverages the display that’s used for a GPS.  If you hook it … Read more

Replacing the Garmin Nuvi Suction Cup Mount

Garmin has been providing the same basic mount with their Nuvi GPS models since the beginning when they introduced the Garmin Nuvi 350.  Unlike the older StreetPilot series, the Nuvi was much thinner versus the brick sized Streetpilot line and the suction cup mount, pictured within this article, was a bit new to Garmin.  That old Streetpilot was a large heavy unit, so the larger Streetpilots were typically used with a dashboard mount.  In fact, I don’t recall if a suction cup mount was even available. So you’re probably reading this article because, as the title indicates, you need to replace … Read more

Garmin Nuvi 2798LMT Car and Truck Mounts

The Garmin Nuvi 2798LMT is the first of the company’s GPS line to have a backup camera.  It looks like Garmin might be trying to introduce some new value added features to their aging Nuvi line.  We have seen backup cameras on a few models in Europe but this is a first for Garmin.  While certainly not a substitute for turning your head to check for oncoming vehicles, a backup camera is useful for backing into spaces to ensure you will not hit the object behind you.  The 2798LMT sports a lot of nice features including a big 7″ screen, lifetime map updates, integrated … Read more

Mounts for the Garmin Nuvi 55 56 65 66 2014 GPS Series

The annual refresh of Garmin’s GPS includes 10 models as part of their Essential Line of devices.  Like 2013, the 2014 line includes a series of GPS devices priced on the lower end with the functionality that most GPS owners want.  These are called the Garmin Nuvi 55, 55LM, 55LMT, 56, 56LM, 56LMT, 65LM, 65LMT, 66LM, 66LMT. Garmin continues to stick to the same naming standards.  Where you see LM as part of the model, that one has lifetime map descriptions.  When you see LMT that one gets lifetime map updates plus a lifetime traffic subscription.   So the difference between all these … Read more

Should I get the GPS Option in My New Car?

I have an Acura MDX with the Technology Package.  This included (among other options) a GPS system built into the console of my SUV.  After owning this vehicle for several years, I can tell you that I wished I saved the few thousand dollars I paid for the Technology Package and simply used a Garmin GPS or my favorite application in the world which is Waze.  For many years, Acura has offered the Technology Package to bundle several popular options of which the GPS typically is by far the most desirable and expensive of the components. The reasons go beyond … Read more