Car and Home Mounts for the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch was released on March 2, 2017.  It’s Nintendo’s seventh home video game console.  Compact in size with the mobile market in mind, the Switch sports a 6.2 inch screen. The Nintendo Switch is a smaller device which means mounting it in a car or anywhere at home can be accomplished with some of the mounts we’ll discuss.  First, we need to look at the all important dimensions and weight.  For mounting purposes, the Nintendo Switch will likely be used without the Joy-Con controller attached as you will need that in your hand to interact with the device. Without … Read more

Smartphone Mounts and Clips for Sony Playstation

Having a second screen for some games is a great advantage.  Having to remove your eyes from the game being played so that you can glance at your phone on your lap is a great disadvantage.  Fortunately there are some great ways to fix this.  Today, we look at mounts and clips for a Sony Playstation. There are a lot of reasons you might want to have your smartphone handy while playing.  Accessing tips, tutorials and associated YouTube videos on your smartphone while playing.  You might also want to video a game you are playing from a point of view … Read more