TomTom Trucker 600 GPS Mounts

The TomTom Trucker 600 is made for truckers.  These compete nicely with the Garmin dezl trucker GPS lineup.  A lifetime traffic and map update subscription bundled with features unique to trucker use.  The TomTom Trucker 600 features customized routes for the vehicle type, size, weight, cargo and speed.  A nice sized 6 inch display makes it easy to see the maps.  The internal battery provides two hours of use without power. The TomTom Trucker 600 is sold primarily in the United States.  I believe it to be similar to the TomTom Trucker 6000 sold in Europe.  I would therefore believe the mount … Read more

How to Use a Suction Cup Mount on a Car Dashboard

Back when car mounts for GPS devices and cell phones were first available, you had one choice for placement and that was the windshield.  Times have changed a lot in the mobile device mount industry over the years and now there are mounts for almost anywhere.  Ironically though, the variety of mounts available for a car dashboard are somewhat limited.  This article is for those that want to use a suction cup mount on a car dashboard.  This article should be of special interest to those living in states where mounting a device on the windshield is illegal. Your average … Read more

Car Dashboard GoPro Mounts for Using Your GoPro as a Dash Cam

A lot of GoPro owners have discovered these cameras can be used as a dash cam.  Makes sense.  All the GoPro models record onto a removable SD card, so do most dash cams.  I’m surprised that GoPro doesn’t pick this up for their marketing as it’s a nice additional use for their cameras and there is a huge market for dash cameras.  That’s the reason for our article on car dashboard GoPro mounts. As I search the mount universe for mounts specifically made for a GoPro on a car dash, there are very few.  Now, keep in mind, there are … Read more

Sirius XM Radio Car Dash Mounts

When Sirius and XM Radio was first introduced over ten years ago, the default mounting location was the windshield.  Why?  Because that is what was included with the radio when it was purchased.  Seemed to make sense as the radio received signals from a satellite and the radio could see it if in the windshield.  Never mind it was really the antenna that received the signal.  Windshields and satellite radio just seemed to go well together.  Today there are a lot of other locations and one of the most popular is the dash.  Now let’s discuss the topic of Sirius XM … Read more

Portable Car Dash Mounts

A portable car dash mount makes a lot of sense for several reasons.  Most obvious is that it’s always a good idea to avoid pasting anything permanently to your vehicle if possible.  While it can be removed, it involves some work as can be read in our article called Removing a Car Adhesive Dash Mount.  It’s been one of our most widely read articles since we first published it.  Second reason for a portable mount that a permanent mount is an indication to a potential burglar that you may have something worth stealing in your car.  Lastly, if you live in … Read more

Car Dash Mounts for Garmin NuviCam LMTHD

The Garmin NuviCam LMTHD was introduced a short time back and has caught on to become quite popular.  Makes sense.  Dash cameras have become extraordinarily popular so Garmin combined the best of a GPS with a very good dash cam.  The camera paired with the 6″ GPS provides collision avoidance alerts if following too close to the car in front of you.  It also will provide lane departure alerts if you drift off the road or onto oncoming traffic.  The device also provides a high-definition camera which continually records your drive.  The camera is mounted on the back of the GPS … Read more