CD Player Phone Car Mounts

Does anyone really use these any longer for CDs?  Digital content has made the CD player an almost useless device in most cars.  It’s so much easier to load your content to your smartphone and then stream the audio to your car speakers.  Most vehicles manufactured over the past several years have a USB port and an interface for streaming your music.  Some permit use of Bluetooth.  Others may use an FM transmitter connected to your device.  You can read about FM transmitters here. So what you do with the CD Player?  Use it as a place to mount your … Read more

Mpow CD Player SmartPhone Car Mount Review

Thanks to smartphones with Bluetooth connectivity coupled with lots of on-board storage or apps like Pandora or Spotify, a CD player’s usefulness is somewhat diminished.  For those that no longer use their CD player, why not use it as a mount point for your smartphone?  The Mpow CD Player SmartPhone Car Mount is what we’re looking at today. There are a few things to check out before picking this mount for your car.  First, and most obvious is you need to have a CD player.  We have been seeing manufacturers eliminate this feature as a standard option in some cars.  For example, … Read more

TechMatte MagGrip Car CD Player Magnetic Mount

We have recently become fans of magnetic mounts so it’s no surprise that I gravitated towards the TechMatte MagGrip CD Player Magnetic Mount when looking for a CD player smartphone mount.  Only recently did I become aware of TechMatte as a manufacturer of competitively priced mounts and posted our first review of one of their products, the TechMatte MagGrip Vent Mount and you can read that review here. CD Player mounts are reasonably new versus traditional mounts like a suction cup or vent variety.  Turns out this is a good location for lightweight devices.  We wrote a detailed article on CD … Read more

InfiniApps DuoMount CD Slot Smartphone Car Mount

When we run into a uniquely designed mount, we like to write a product spotlight about them.  The InfiniApps DuoMount CD Slot Smartphone Mount is the mount we are writing about today.  This is the first mount I have encountered that allows the mounting of two devices simultaneously using the car CD player as the mounting point.  I think it’s a great idea.  Let’s take a closer look. We have written about magnetic mounts before and I continue to be a big fan of these types of mounts.  I like them for the simplicity of use.  There are no cradles to … Read more