BuckStruck Game and Trail Camera Viewer for Android Smartphones

Happy hunting season.  Time to check your trail cameras attached to trees all over the woods.  That’s where the BuckStruck Game and Trail Camera Viewer for Android Smartphones comes in. There are several of these on the market.  The Buckstruck model is a well priced cable card reader.  The allure around these devices is convenience.  You can pop the micro SD or full sized SD card out of your game camera in the middle of the woods and use the Buckstruck Game and Trail Camera Viewer to see what is on the card and even download the images to your phone. … Read more

BoneView Trail and Game Camera Viewer for Smartphones

It’s hunting season here in New Jersey and I just discovered a product that’s innovative and real useful.   It’s called the BoneView Trail and Game Camera Viewer (and for Android see BoneView Trail and Game Camera Viewer for Android Phones). The marketing angle of this device is for hunters but it’s applicable to anybody that wants to read some files from an SD or Micro SD memory card.  BoneView Trail and Game Camera Viewer is a small card reader that can attach to your smartphone.  There are two models.  One comes with a micro USB cable to plug into an Android phone. … Read more

Mounting a Camera to a Tree

This topic isn’t as strange as it sounds.  There are a lot of camera owners that would like to mount a camera to a tree.  Think hunters, wildlife enthusiasts or just for plain surveillance.  Mounting a camera to a tree is a good idea for these people. Making an assumption your camera is waterproof, there are two popular methods for mounting a camera to a tree.  The first method is to use one or more straps wrapped around the circumference of the tree.  The second is to use a mount with a sharp screw on the end.  The second type … Read more

Camera Mounts for Hunters

Today, we discuss camera mounts for hunters.  The introduction of compact action cameras with long battery life and significant storage capabilities has turned the hunting camera market upside down.  For many years, hunters would use big bulky weatherproof enclosed cameras from companies such as Midland, Bushnell and Moultrie.  These cameras ranged in cost from $50 to a few hundred dollars.  You would strap them to a tree, leave it out for a few weeks, go back and check any action.  That was the extent of cameras mounts for hunters. The introduction of action cameras from GoPro, Contour, Kodak and many other … Read more