How to Get Free Home Phone Service

Occasionally, we publish articles on topics that don’t have a lot to do with mounts.  Ironically, some of the them have become quite popular.  For instance, our article called How to Lower Your AT&T Wireless Monthly Bill gets more hits than many of our mount articles.  So today, we’re going to show how to get free home phone service.  That’s zero as in free. It’s always interesting to see what old technology morphs into.  A home phone is an old concept that has fed into what is today’s smartphone.  It’s the same concept.  Call somebody and speak with them using … Read more

How to Lower Your AT&T Wireless Monthly Bill

I recently took a look at all my bills and realized that my monthly AT&T bill is one of the highest.  Annualized, I was paying as much for cell phone service as I was for my electric bill.  I also noticed that my AT&T bill was higher than the monthly Cablevision bill for internet, phone and television.  This had gotten out of hand and I needed to lower the price, even if it meant leaving AT&T.  I’m going to detail how I cut my AT&T bill by $30 monthly.  I’m going to jump around a bit, so stay with me. Fortunately … Read more

Ting Wireless Saves Mom Some Big Bucks

Like everyone else, my cell phone bill is too high.  There are three phones on my plan and one of them is for my mom who uses her phone maybe once every two months for a few minutes.  I have AT&T and that translates to a larger expense than I think it’s worth.  This is how I found out about Ting Wireless which is a very low cost provider of mobile phone service. Ting is owned by a company called Tucows which I knew of from various domain registration activities over the years.  They use the Sprint network for CDMA … Read more

Is Cell Phone Insurance Worth the Cost?

Is cell phone insurance worth the cost?  Maybe not. First a story.  The winter of 2014/2015 was a brutal one here in New Jersey.  It stuck with us until mid April.  Seemed like it wouldn’t end.  My driveway was a sheet of ice most of the winter.  Here in the northeast, we all are familiar with a term called black ice.  This is a condition where a thin transparent layer of ice covers your driveway or the roadway.  You aren’t aware of it since its invisible.  You only become aware of it when you walk or drive over it.  A clear … Read more

Extending your AT&T Cisco 3G MicroCell

Have lousy AT&T reception in your home or office?  Get an AT&T Microcell Wireless Cell Signal Booster Tower Antenna.  Want even better reception?  Add an external antenna. These work real well in that they act as a repeater taking in the cell signal then re-transmitting within your building.  The issue is that the deeper within your building you place this extender, the further it is from your window and less likely it is to receive a GPS signal.  In order to receive a GPS signal, the GPS antenna must be able to see the sky where the satellites are present.  No sky, … Read more