Car and Home Mounts for the Apple iPad Pro

Today we are talking about the Apple iPad Pro.  This is the mother of all iPads.  This is the iPad that serious tablet users have been waiting for.  The display is Apple’s best to date.  We’re talking about up to 5.6 million pixels on the screen (compared with 3.1 million on the iPad Air 2).  For sound, we have four speakers on the top and bottom versus the one or two on the bottom of the other iPad models.  The iPad Pro features a new chip that is the fastest yet.  Apple also announced some nice accessories that will work with … Read more

Apple iPad Marine Mount Options for Boaters

While I haven’t seen any official statistics yet, I’m fairly certain the integration of mapping and GPS functions into tablets has likely made a dent into the sale of traditional chartplotters and marine GPS units.  Today we look at Apple iPad marine mount options for your vessel. An important decision that needs to be finalized before selecting your Apple iPad marine mount is where you wish to place the tablet.  There are mounts for almost anywhere.  You probably want to keep your Apple iPad somewhere sheltered to keep it dry.  While the mounts might be waterproof, the Apple iPad is … Read more

Some Good Desk Mounts for your Tablet

Remember when we used to get a newspaper delivered to the house.  This wasn’t too long ago.  Thanks to the internet and tablet computers, the demise of the printed newspaper is underway.  Newspapers that do not have a good internet strategy are becoming extinct.  I remember as a kid many years ago running outside in my pajamas before my neighbor could see me so that I could get the morning paper to read while eating my Captain Crunch.  I did this for many years until I slipped on the ice and fell.  Like any 10-year old kid, I got up … Read more