Tablet Mounts for Fire Trucks

Tablet Mounts for Fire TrucksTablet mounts for fire trucks have some unique requirements versus one for a passenger automobile or SUV.  They need to be rugged and will likely need an expandable holder that will accommodate a thick case along with durability necessary for constant removal and insertion of the tablet.  Unlike what might work with a car, the attachment probably needs to be something other than a typical suction cup mount.

When it comes to tablet mounts for fire trucks, it’s not unusual to see a bolt on or clamp mount.  So that’s what we’re going to concentrate on.  Heavy duty tablet mounts that bolts or clamps and have a durable expandable cradle to accommodate multiple size devices.  A suction mount, while technically feasible, should probably be avoided.  High vibration environments and suction cups don’t make for good friends.  Just stick with bolts and clamps.

Before diving into the topic of tablet mounts for fire trucks, measure the tablet within the case or skin as that will potentially add another inch or more to the overall dimensions.  Measure the width, length and depth of the device within the case.  You want the mount to fit, so be sure to check the dimensions of the expandable cradle.

Now hopefully the truck that’s getting the mount isn’t as old as the one in the photo so let’s look at some tablet mounts for fire trucks.

First, let’s look at a clamp mount for a tablet. Consider The Joy Factory Unite Universal Carbon C-Clamp Mount for Tablets which features a cradle that accommodates tablets with 7″ to 11″ diagonal displays.  The mount uses a 6″ carbon fiber arm with a ball and socket connection for adjusting the angle.  As delivered, the clamp opens to 2 inches to fit most spherical or flat surfaces.  If you need the clamp to open wider than 2 inches, it can be extended by unscrewing the bottom of the clamp and re-attaching to relocation holes located further down on the top part of the clamp.

Now let’s look at some bolt-on mounts.

The Arkon Heavy-Duty Aluminum Wall or Flat Surface Tablet Mount is a solid metal mount with an expandable tablet cradle.  This cradle is spring-loaded with two sets of four arms which expands large enough to hold tablet as small as an Apple Air to the larger Apple iPad Pro.  The metal mount has a series of pre-drilled holes for mounting to the bottom of a kitchen cabinet.  The cradle features adjustment points at the halfway point and the cradle and the ability to swivel the tablet into any orientation.  Mounting screws are included.

For a longer mount, consider The Joy Factory Unite Universal Tablet Carbon Fiber Wall Mount.  Also constructed of meta with a cradle that opens large enough for 7 – 12 inch tablets and can be swiveled from portrait to landscape mode without removing it from the cradle.  There are two model cradles to choose from.  The basic model includes a cradle that is .65 inches deep and this is fine for most tablets without a case or skin, as well as those with a thin skin.  For thicker cases, use the deeper one inch cradle model.  Be sure to select the model that best fits your tablet.  We have a detailed article about this particular mount if you want some more detail.

So when it comes to a fire truck and tablet mounts, go with a solid metal bolt-on or clamp mount.  Avoid a suction mount.