Spigen Stealth Car Mount for Smartphones

Spigen Stealth Car MountSpigen makes some excellent well priced cases and we recently discovered they also make some great car mounts.  Their mounts are somewhat unique shunning traditional cradles and using other means to secure the device within the mount.  The Spigen Stealth Car Mount for Smartphones is one of those unique mounts.  It fits almost all phones including a great big Apple iPhone 6s Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The Spigen Stealth does not have a cradle.  The mount is shaped like a “V” and opens to grip your phone in landscape mode.  There are two sets of grooves molded onto the bottom within the inside of the Spigen Stealth car mount which makes for two angles that your phone can have.  Most drivers will probably use the first set of grooves which gives the driver a head-on view of their phone.  The mount opens to accept your phone then closes tightly around it.  This mount is for people who really like to use their phone in landscape mode as portrait isn’t supported.  That’s the one limitation of this mount, however, most applications for driving typically work best in landscape mode so it may not be a major issue for most.

The bottom of the Spigen Stealth car mount has a sticky gel pad.  The gel pad bottom is designed to keep the mount still on flat and curved dashboards.  I have always found these gel pad mounts work best on clean dashboards.  Be sure there isn’t any oil or extreme dirt on the dash prior to using the mount.  If there is oil or a lot of dirt, the sticky gel pad sticks to that, no the dash.  If the gel pad bottom happens to get dirty or looses its stickiness over time, it’s easy to recharge it.  Just wash it warm soapy water.  That usually takes care of it.

I also find that applying any sticky mount with a gel pad works best when not in extremely cold temperatures.  If it gets very cold after you install the mount, that’s normally ok, it’s the initial install that could be affected by extreme cold.  That’s just my experience.  So try to install it when it’s not extremely cold.  If you live down south, that won’t be an issue.  In the extreme north of the US or Canada during the winter, you may need to warm up the dash a little.

The inside of the mount has a soft surface to it so it won’t mark up your phone.  Most phones with or without a case or skin will fit real well.  If the Spigen Stealth car mount blocks some of your buttons, just move it to one side.  Your phone doesn’t need to be perfectly centered to work properly.  The mount is very portable.  When not in use, it simply folds down and you can stuff it in your pocket, purse or glove box.

The Spigen Stealth Car Mount for Smartphones is a good addition for those that want to mount their phone on the car dash.  It’s easy to use and one of the most portable phone mounts around.