Smartphone Mounts and Clips for Sony Playstation

Smartphone Mounts and Clips for Sony PlaystationHaving a second screen for some games is a great advantage.  Having to remove your eyes from the game being played so that you can glance at your phone on your lap is a great disadvantage.  Fortunately there are some great ways to fix this.  Today, we look at mounts and clips for a Sony Playstation.

There are a lot of reasons you might want to have your smartphone handy while playing.  Accessing tips, tutorials and associated YouTube videos on your smartphone while playing.  You might also want to video a game you are playing from a point of view scenario.

The most effective method of accessing your smartphone while playing a game is to mount it right in front of you.  Like on the controller itself.  Some may not like this method as it adds weight to your controller.  Another way to do this is to mount it slightly off to the side.  We will look at both methods.

There are a few considerations to remember before selecting a mount or holder for a smartphone for use with a Playstation.  If access to buttons, ports or a rear camera are necessary, be sure the expandable cradle will not block them.  Also, be sure to take a measurement of your phone, especially if using a big thick case or skin like an Otterbox Defender or one of the LifeProof cases.  Most expandable cradles open to 3.4 inches or more.  That should be wide enough for almost all phones with or without a case or skin.  However, there are some huge phablets out there that can exceed these dimensions.

The Nyko Smart Clip for PlayStation 4 is a good mount for clipping your smartphone to a Dual Shock 4 wireless controller.  The included expandable phone holder opens to 3.5 inches.  That’s large enough for almost any phone with or without a case or skin including the Apple iPhone 6s Plus or Samsung Galaxy S7.  Although this is primarily marketed for the Dual Shock 4 controller, it can also be used with the Vita controller with some small modifications.  The phone can be angled when using this mount and you can lock it by turning the tightening knob.  Most smartphones weigh in at about 6 ounces so you may not notice the added weight but for some it takes some time to get accustomed.

For those preferring not to attach directly to a controller, the CTA Digital Floor Stand for Smartphones is an adjustable mount with an expandable holder.  This is a heavy mount on wheels with an expandable cradle.  You would place this directly next to you while playing.  The cradle opens to 3.5 inches which is plenty big enough for most phones with or without a case or skin.  The cradle can rotate so you can use it in landscape or portrait mode.  The overall height is adjustable from approximately 3.5 to 4.6 feet with a flexible 15 inch steel gooseneck.

I like either of these for holding a smartphone when playing video games.  I personally find the independent floor mount to be the better method as the added bulk of a phone attached to a controller bothers me, however that’s a personal preference.  Seasoned players can put up with the added weight and probably not notice it as much.  Typically these mounts are used for a short period of time and with a specific purpose.  They aren’t used full time, so you want a mount that be easily deployed then removed.  Both of the recommended selections fit the bill.