RAM Portable Friction Dashboard Mount

RAP-279B RAM Portable Friction Dashboard MountThe RAM Portable Friction Dashboard Mount is an excellent accompaniment to any suction or adhesive mount.

We have featured several weighted portable dash mounts from other companies, and this is similar in function.  This was introduced by RAM several years ago and continues to be a nice solution for portability and ease of storage.  The main purpose of this mount is to allow a suction cup to be used as a flat surface dash mount.  This makes this accessory particularly useful in states where mounting to a windshield isn’t allowed.  A secondary purpose is to make an adhesive mount a temporary solution instead of permanent.

The dimensions of this mount are 6.5″ wide  x 1.25″ high x 6.5″ deep.  Unlike some other portable friction dash mounts on the market, there is a useful tapered lip incorporated into the design of the RAM mount.  Some suction mounts, especially those sold with a Garmin Nuvi, aren’t very high and this lip won’t block the view of the display.

This mount works with all brands of suction cup mounts, not just those from RAM.  The round plate in the middle of the mount is made of flat smooth plastic and measures 3.5 inches across.  That’s large enough for most suction cup mounts as I can’t recall seeing a suction cup mount with anything greater than that diameter.  Your suction cup will attach to this plastic plate just like the windshield.  The plastic plate can also be home to an adhesive base making that mount a total portable solution.  Although this mount will typically be used along with a suction cup, it’s a nice feature for those that would prefer the adhesive variety.

The RAM Portable Friction Mount weighs in at close to two pounds.  The bottom has a non-skid material so combined with the weight, it stays put on your dash.  Like almost all portable dash mounts, these work best on dashboards that aren’t severely sloped downwards.  It’s also important that the dash remain free of oils since that will compromise the non-skid bottom of the friction mount.

The mount is black in color and works with virtually any suction cup mount or device.  The most typical use for this mount is going to be for navigation.  Coupled with a GPS or smartphone, this pairs well with an accompanying suction or adhesive mount.  The tapered lip of the RAM Portable Friction Mount will not get in the way of the view.  This mount can also work with small tablets.  I would not recommend using it with a larger tablet as that’s too large and heavy for this type of solution.

When done using your mount, it stores in a glove box.  Although I like to store it with the mount still attached, you can remove and reapply the mount as it will not affect the durability of the portable friction mount.

The RAM Portable Friction Dashboard Mount is a good solution for those looking for portability.  It takes a few seconds to install as the only thing you need to do is take it out of your glove box and apply your suction mount.