Vehicle Mounts for your New Apple iPad 3

New iPad.  iPad 3.  We’re not sure what to call it.  In what seems to be an annual progression of slight improvements, the iPad 3 has hit the market.  The dimensions are very similar to prior iterations of the iPad so it is highly likely that if you have purchased mounts with a custom iPad cradle they will fit fine.  The iPad 3 is a little thinner than the first generation and .03 inches thicker than the 2nd generation.  If you have an older 1st generation iPad mount with custom cradle, just add some thick tape strips to the back … Read more

Some Good Desk Mounts for your Tablet

Remember when we used to get a newspaper delivered to the house.  This wasn’t too long ago.  Thanks to the internet and tablet computers, the demise of the printed newspaper is underway.  Newspapers that do not have a good internet strategy are becoming extinct.  I remember as a kid many years ago running outside in my pajamas before my neighbor could see me so that I could get the morning paper to read while eating my Captain Crunch.  I did this for many years until I slipped on the ice and fell.  Like any 10-year old kid, I got up … Read more

Mounts for Vertical Vents

We have been asking about mounts that will fit on vertical vents for many years and there are finally enough out there for us to discuss.  Most cars have vent slots that go across versus up and down and almost all vent mounts are made primarily for horizontal vents.  The reason for this is that vent mount use a clip that grabs onto the horizontal slat.  They are not made for verticals.  We have run into a few car models where the vertical slats were spaced at the same width as the vent arms and they fit ok, but for most vertical … Read more

Arkon’s Camera Mount Line

Arkon has been in business for a long time making affordable mounts.  They were quick to recognize that the devices they make mounts for goes out of style quickly and have expanded their line to offer mounts for things people want to mount when they want to mount it.  Going back ten years ago, cameras were the size of a toaster.  Mounting a Polaroid on a motorcycle or within your car simply was not an option.  Today everybody has a camera on their phone or for a small investment now own small action videocams that are used to video their … Read more

Attaching your iPhone or Tablet to a Tripod or Monopod

Doesn’t your arm get tired after holding it in place during a Facetime conversation?  I have been known to eventually forget that I’m on a video chat and the tablet eventually takes a nice picture of my ceiling while I am talking.  Coupling an inexpensive tripod with a mount for your phone or tablet is an excellent remedy to this problem.  We find the same problems come up when watching a movie or TV show on your device.  I mean how long can you possible hold a tablet?  Lastly, many phones do not have image stabilization technology and this is what … Read more

Mounting Options for the Garmin eTrex 10 20 30 GPS

During the second half of 2011, Garmin released a new generation of their 10-year old eTrex GPS line.  Options range from a basic black and white display on the eTrex 10 all the way to a color screen with nice additions like a compass and built-in barometric altimeter with wireless route sharing on the eTrex 30.  These units are very competitively prices and are marketed to hikers, bikers and geocachers for handheld use. We all know that people will use these for more than simply handheld use, so without further ado, we present some thoughts for selecting a mount.  One important … Read more