Using Google Photos to Free Memory on an Apple iPhone

An Apple iPhone 6s Plus sure is expensive, isn’t it?  I paid $750 for mine from AT&T.  That’s for the base model with 16GB of storage.  I just couldn’t bring myself to spend more than $750 which would have gotten me more storage.  After all, it’s a phone.  Well, I ran out of memory.  Thankfully I discovered the Google Photos app. Google’s Photo Service is all over the place.  You can access your photos from your phone, tablet, desktop.  Anywhere that has internet connectivity and a device.  The app has many features which the native photo storage iOS app on an … Read more

Car Mounts for Edge Insight or Edge Evolution Performance Tuning Monitors

Edge Products, located in Ogden Utah, produces tuners, programmers, and monitors under several brands including Edge Insight, Attitude, Evolution and Juice.  A lot of owners of Edge products leaves the monitor or tuner on their lap or the passenger seat.  Many of these products have the capability to be mounted in a handy spot where it can be seen. Many of these monitors have a mounting pattern on the back.  If you see two vertical slots on the back, that’s what I’m referring to.  This is known as the dual T mounting pattern.  There are mounts made specifically with this unique mounting … Read more

LifeProof LifeActiv Mounts with Quickmount Product Spotlight

LifeProof is known for making solid phone and tablet cases.  I recently discovered they entered the mount business.  Makes sense.  A mount is a natural add-on for people interested in purchased a case.  LifeProof has decided to differentiate themselves by introducing an accessory called Quickmount which is used to lock your phone onto LifeProof LifeActiv mounts. All LifeProof LifeActiv mounts use a part called the LifeProof LifeActive Quickmount Adapter.  This is a small disk with a raised surface which attaches to back of a device of a case.  The adapter can then lock onto one of the LifeProof LifeActiv mounts.  The mounts … Read more

Samsung Gear 2 Neo Watch

I recently discovered the Samsung Gear 2 Neo while on a recent shopping trip here in New Jersey.  A lot of people may not know that the Samsung Gear line has been out quite a bit longer than the popular Apple Watch. A huge amount of hype has circulated around the Apple Watch release.  An entirely new category of product called wearable technology is getting off the ground.  There’s a wide variety of opinions that range from this category being very limited to the greatest idea since the smartphone itself.  Personally, I think it’s somewhere in between.  I see a real use … Read more

EDOTech Hardwire Cable for Garmin GPS Devices Review

EDOTech offers a good option for those wanting to hardwire their GPS to their vehicle.  The EDO Tech Hardwire Cable for Garmin GPS Devices fits almost all car GPS devices made by Garmin including the Garmin Nuvi and Garmin Drive product lines.  Although these are marketed towards Garmin GPS owners, these also fit most TomTom and Magellan GPS models made over the past several years.  As long as they use a mini USB, this should provide power to your GPS device.  These are made to work on car GPS devices, not one that are made for motorcycles such as the Garmin Zumo … Read more

Garmin Hardwire Power Cable Product Overview

I always like to use original equipment whenever possible.  For hardwiring purposes, the Garmin Hardwire Power Cable is what is used for almost all their GPS devices that use a mini USB ending.  It’s manufactured by Garmin for their brand of GPS devices. There are a lot of reasons for wanting to hardwire your GPS to your vehicle.  Most popular is for attachment to a motorcycle as most do not have an accessory outlet.  Other popular hardwire locations are cars and boats.  Attachment is straightforward.  When not in use, the cable tucks neatly into a motorcycle saddlebag or under a … Read more