Outdoor Mounts for a FLIR FX HD Home Security Camera

Flir FX mediumThe FLIR FX Home Security Camera is a well made, feature rich portable camera.  Similar to the very popular Nest Cam, the FLIR FX has features that are somewhat unique.  One of those great features is portability.  Thanks to an internal battery and a wide variety of mounting options, these cameras can go anywhere.

So what makes the FLIR FX somewhat special in our eyes, is that the company had the foresight to also make a line of mounts for their cameras.  Finally, a manufacturer of home security cameras that saw an opportunity to make some additional sales by offering accessories.  I have always considered it a lost opportunity by not offering mounts.

Taking the popular Nest Cam as my best example, companies like DropCases and Dropaccessories make a very good living off of Nest’s complete absence from the mount market.  While I have no idea how much revenue Nest is missing out upon, based upon a fairly diverse set of alternative mounts for a Nest Cam, it’s not a trivial amount.  You can learn all about these alternative mounts from our articles called Using a Nest Cam or Dropcam Pro Outdoors and Nest Cam and DropCam Mounts for Home Security.

So what has FLIR done for their camera line?  No less than three alternative mounting options are available for the FX.  I suspect there’s more to come but for now, they have three different purposes covered.  We’ll cover all three and update this article when we see some new mounts.

Each of the alternative mounting solutions require removal of the FLIR FX from the included stand.  To remove the camera, simply slide it to the side.  It comes right off.  You will be powering the camera from the micro USB port on the side of the camera when using each of these alternative mounts.

The FLIR Systems FXAW01 Outdoor Housing Accessory allows use of the FLIX FX as an outdoor camera.  The camera out of the box is an indoor only option.  Adding this enclosure to your FLIR FX allows you to use it outdoors.  The case mounts on a wall or ceiling and provides a waterproof housing for your camera.  The outdoor housing also adds additional IR lights and doubles the night vision distance to 65 feet.  The mount can be angled from the base so that you can get the right video for your needs.  All the sensors will work within the outdoor housing including the air temperature which is a pretty nice feature.

The FLIR Systems FXAD01 Dash Mount Accessory will turn the FLIR FX into a car dash cam.  Using the micro USB cable for power directly into your car’s USB port or any DC power adapter, this is all that you need for a high quality car dash cam.  The dash mount, which technically is a windshield mount, helps to make this into a very capable car dash cam.  It has all the features that I have seen in other dash cams including an accelerometer that senses when a car is in motion. The accelerometer also senses impact and automatically saves the prior ten seconds.  The suction cup has the standard vacuum lock to give a firm hold on the windshield.

For those looking for an action camera, adding the FLIR Systems FXAS01 Sports Case Accessory allows you to use your camera just like a GoPro.  The case is waterproof.  Rated submersible to 64ft (20m) with a waterproof IP68 rating.  When using this case, your FLIR FX will run off the internal battery which is good for up to two hours.  All the action will be recorded to the internal micro SD card which you can upgrade to 64GB.  The sports case has a standard 1/4″ – 20 threaded screw pattern on the bottom.  This means you can use other industry standard camera mounts to hold the sports case if you don’t like the adhesive one that is provided.

All three of these alternative mounts are made by FLIR for use with their camera so you can be sure the fit and functionality will be fine.  Finally, a home security camera company that makes a good device and a bunch of good mounts.