Car and Home Mounts for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo SwitchThe Nintendo Switch was released on March 2, 2017.  It’s Nintendo’s seventh home video game console.  Compact in size with the mobile market in mind, the Switch sports a 6.2 inch screen.

The Nintendo Switch is a smaller device which means mounting it in a car or anywhere at home can be accomplished with some of the mounts we’ll discuss.  First, we need to look at the all important dimensions and weight.  For mounting purposes, the Nintendo Switch will likely be used without the Joy-Con controller attached as you will need that in your hand to interact with the device.

Without the Joy-Con controller attached, the length is 6.81 inches, height is about 4 inches and the depth comes in at a little more than half an inch.  The Nintendo Switch weighs a bit over half a pound.  This is what we need to select some mounts.

With the Joy-Con controller detached, the device is a little smaller than a small tablet and a bit larger than a large phone.  So it goes to figure that some mounts made for a large smartphone or small tablet might fit.  There aren’t many custom mounts made for a Nintendo Switch yet, so we’re going to recommend good heavy duty mounts that feature an expandable cradle.  Mounts with an expandable cradle work well as they can be used even if you add a case to the Nintendo Switch.

Be aware of the power button on the left side of the Nintendo Switch.  An expandable cradle that grips the device towards in the middle from the top and bottom will work best.  Avoid wide grips on the expandable cradle as you don’t want to put pressure on the on/off button.

The Nintendo Switch features a thoughtful addition of a kickstand on the back.  This allows the device to sit on a flat surface like a table or desk.  If you’re good with the angle and how the kickstand functions, you’re all set.  However, you are likely reading this article for some alternate solutions so let’s get on to the Nintendo Switch mount discussion.  We’ll look at a few mounts for the home and several for the car.

First up for consideration is the Tryone Gooseneck Nintendo Switch Mount.  It’s a good mount for clamping to a dresser, headboard or desk.  A clamp on the base opens expands to three inches deep.  The clamp is attached to a flexible stem which allows you to maneuver the Nintendo Switch to the best angle.  There’s an included expandable cradle that makes it easy to install and remove the Switch.

How about something mobile for the car?  We’re going to look at good mounts for passengers looking to use the Switch in the car (do not use the Switch if driving the car!).

The best place to mount a Nintendo Switch in the car is by attaching it to a headrest.  You’re going to use the Joy-Con controllers in your hand and with a headrest mount, the console sits at a good height for viewing.  Consider the Macally Car Headrest Mount for Apple iPad Air / Mini, Nintendo Switch, and Tablets.  This mount is marketed for a variety of devices ranging from a tablet to a Nintendo Switch and features the ability to rotate your device into any orientation.  It’s an expandable cradle so can be used for a variety of tablets including the Switch.

Lastly, a heavy duty solution to the headrest is available from Arkon with their Heavy-Duty Headrest Mount for Nintendo Switch.  This metal mount attaches to the headrest post.  There are two adjustment points to help get the right angle.  This mount allows the Switch to be located between the front headrests.  There’s an expandable heavy duty cradle that opens to 5 inches that will rest on a ball and socket connection.  While the cradle can be rotated 360 degrees, it will likely always be positioned to hold your Nintendo Switch in landscape only.

These three selections should work well on the Nintendo Switch.  The key is to ensure your selected mount opens wide enough and closes securely enough around the device and has an adjustment to allow the user to achieve the best viewing angle.