Mounts for Garmin VIRB XE and VIRB X Action Cameras

Mounts for Garmin VIRB XE and VIRB X Action CamerasThe Garmin VIRB XE and Garmin VIRB X is the company’s answer to the GoPro Hero line of action cameras.  They compare favorably, and as you will see, even share a similar mount pattern.

The Garmin VIRB XE action camera is another one of those model names that I can’t figure out.  Kind of like Nuvi.  What does the word mean?  I could think of a thousand words better than this.  Fortunately the VIRB XE is a good camera worthy of consideration.  The VIRB XE shoots high-definition wide-angle footage with 12 megapixel photos at up to 30 frames per second.  This is a mighty rugged camera.  The VIRB XE is able to dive to 50 meter depths without a case, allowing capture of cleaner and clearer audio.  This compares very favorably to the GoPro where you wouldn’t dare use it without that weatherproof case.  The difference between the XE and X is image stability.  Get the XE if you are using this in an active environment that is going to have any vibration – especially a motorcycle.

At the start of this article, I mentioned that the Garmin VIRB XE and VIRB X share the same mounting attachment as the weatherproof case for the GoPro HERO series (all the HEROs share the same mount).  The mount has a few raised ridges and the Garmin camera has a few raised ridges and they all fit together and are attached using a threaded screw with a knob on the end.  Easy.  This means we can use mounts made for the GoPro and there are a lot of them.

The windshield or dash is the best and maybe only location to mount a camera in the car.  Fortunately, the Garmin Auto Suction and Dash Mount for VIRB XE and VIRB X is a good mount.  While I’m not normally too enthusiastic with some of Garmin’s suction cup mounts, this is a real good one.  This mount attaches to a windshield or any smooth flat surface.  A VIRB XE / VIRB X adapter is included as is an adhesive disk.  Like most better suction cup mounts, this includes a lever to get a good secure vacuum grip onto the windshield.

On the motorcycle, it’s important to choose a stable mount that is made specifically for the type of connection that’s on the bottom of the camera.  The vast majority of motorcycle owners opt for a handlebar mount.  The RAM Handlebar Mount with GoPro / VIRB XE Adapter includes a custom attachment that fits the bottom of the camera.  The mount includes a 3-inch arm with adjustment points at the case and the at the camera attachment.  These mounts are made of metal and the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.  The second mount that we recommend for handlebar use is the Arkon Handlebar Mount with GoPro / VIRB XE Adapter.  This can be adjusted just below the camera attachment.  The mount includes rubber strips to prevent marring your handlebars.  Unlike the RAM mount, there is only a small extension and this mount is better for motorcycle owners looking for a near flush mount to the handlebar.  This mount is made of plastic.

If using a VIRB XE or VIRB X on a bicycle, consider the Arkon Handlebar Strap Mount with GoPro / VIRB XE Adapter as it is simple to install and remove.  That’s the one that is in the photo that accompanies this article.  The strap on option fits larger handlebars versus the prior two options.  The mount fits handlebars measuring .6 to almost 2 inches diameter (15mm to 50mm).  The mount uses a buckly to fasten around the handlebar.

How about a VIRB XE on a boat?  Sure.  We got that covered with the RAM Flat Surface Mount with GoPro / VIRB Adapter.  This is a metal mount with pre-drilled mounting holes on the base.  There is a 1.75″ arm and you can adjust the angle from the top and bottom.  Like the other mounts, there is a custom adapter to fit the VIRB XE or VIRB X.  It’s made of marine grade powder coated aluminum and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Those are just a few of the better mounts out there that fit a VIRB XE or VIRB X.  As you shop for your mount, remember, any mount that says it will fit the GoPro weatherproof case will fit the Garmin VIRB XE or Garmin VIRB X.