Mounts for Garmin Aera 795 796 GPS

The Garmin Aera 795 and Garmin Aera 796 were released earlier this year for aviation use.  These are great units that feature 3D Vision technology which shows a virtual 3-D behind-the-aircraft perspective of surrounding terrain derived from GPS and the pre-loaded terrain database.  It’s touchscreen so simply slide your finger across the screen to rotate the view and show land and water features, obstacles, runways and airport signposts in relative proximity to the aircraft.  That’s just one of the many neat features of this GPS line.

This article isn’t about the Aera.  It’s about the mounts so let’s get started with that discussion.

Garmin included some nice mounting options in the box with the GPS.  Included in the box is a yoke mount, DC cigarette adapter 12/24 volt cradle, home A/C cradle dock and remote antenna with suction cup mount.  That might be all you need to get started but there are some additional options that can be considered as well.

First, let’s discuss the yoke mount.  Garmin has partnered with RAM Mount to provide a solid metal mount that’s powder coated and suitable for marine use.  That mount is going to bolt to the back to the powered cradle that has a DC adapter attached to it.  Garmin provides a screw kit that you will need if you would like to attach this to an alternative mount so if you decide to replace the one in the box, be sure to save those screws and nuts.

The yoke mount can be upgraded or replicated if you would like.  Select the RAM yoke base if you would like to use it in a second aircraft and do not want to move the mount from place to place.  The arm that is included with the GPS has a short arm.  That arm can be upgraded to an extra long 6″ size.

If you like the cradle from Garmin but would prefer a cradle that has a hardwire connection, you need the Garmin Aera Bare Wire Cradle.  You can connect the bare wires to a panel mount product to transfer data, such as a flight plans, to your Aera.  You can also connect to a panel-mounted radio to transfer data from your Aera to the radio. You can even connect to a transponder to display air traffic data on your Aera.  This is a worthwhile product to consider if you have other devices that can be interfaced into the Aera.

Garmin does not offer the ability to turn the Aera into a panel mounted device however there are options to do this.  The Airgizmo Aera Panel Mount Kit is a nice upgrade for your GPS.  You would replace the yoke mount with this panel mount kit.  You can turn the GPS on or off and set the brightness without removing the GPS from the panel as the mount has a button which lines up with the one on Aera 795 and 796.  Be sure to check the measurements of this panel mount prior to purchase to ensure you have a space for it built into your panel.

A few additional mount modifications to consider involve replacements for the yoke.  These replacements work with the existing arm and cradle attachment and are fairly inexpensive.  You can turn the yoke mount into a flat surface screw in mount by replacing the yoke base with the flat surface mount.  You may also turn this mount into a glare shield mount by adding the glare shield base.