Motorcycle Clutch Perch Smartphone Mounts

Motorcycle clutch perch smartphone mounts have been available for many years and is used by those that do not have a traditional handlebar or simply want to mount their device somewhere other than the traditional handlebar.  It’s extremely popular with Honda Goldwing owners as well as Harley-Davidson people.  I would say that after handlebar mounts, the clutch (or brake reservoir) is the second most popular mounting location on a motorcycle.

Most clutch mounts attach to the motorcycle by replacing the two factory bolts with ones that come with the mount.  Depending upon the mount manufacturer, there are several sets of bolts, one is metric, the other is US.  You will replace the bolts that currently are in place from the manufacturer.  Spacers are usually provided but aren’t always necessary, it depends upon the installation.  On a scale of 1-10, this is a 5 in difficulty.  If you do not feel comfortable working on your bike, take it to a mechanic as there is a good chance he has seen these installs before.

The Techmount TechGripper Harley-Davidson and Metric Control Mount Kit combines the mount and their excellent TechGripper cradle.  The mount attaches to the handlebar control clamps (clutch or brake).  The mounting kit includes a set of bolts and spacers to replace the ones from the factory.  The included Techmount TechGripper features a spring-loaded cradle that opens to four-inches.  Four inches is large enough for most smartphones with or without a case or skin.  It’s even large enough for some GPS units.  When closed, this cradle provides a very strong hold on your device.  The back of this cradle has a socket which snaps onto the 17mm ball that’s part of the Techmount mounting kit.  As a side note, the 17mm ball design is a common mounting pattern used by several manufacturers including Garmin for their Nuvi GPS line.  Since it’s a ball and socket, you can swivel into portrait or landscape.

The RAM X-Grip Clutch Mount is an excellent choice as a multi-purpose mount because it includes both a clutch and handlebar option.  We are big fans of the RAM X-Grip cradle lineup and wrote a detailed article on this which you can read here.  This mount features a universal cradle that opens to 3.25 inches and fits most phones.  A three-inch arm connect the mounting base to the cradle.

For those having a larger phone like the Apple iPhone 6s Plus with a thick case like an Otterbox, there is a mount with a larger cradle known as the RAM X-Grip IV Clutch Mount.  Both of these mounts are made primarily of powder coated marine grade metal with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.  The mount includes a three inch arm length which is the standard size from RAM.  The ball and socket mount design means you can adjust the mount from the base and the tip.  The cradle swivels 360 degrees.

Lastly, let’s discuss the Kuryakyn Clutch or Brake Perch Mount Tech-Connect Device Mounting System.  This mount features an adjustable swivel head and a cradle that opens from 1-5/8″ to 3-5/8″ wide.  Kuryakyn also offers a large cradle that opens from 3-5/8″ to 6″ wide.  The mount is made of metal and the cradle is a mix of metal and plastic.  The cradle opens by and closes by tightening a set screw that clicks into place.  The cradle can swivel into portrait or landscape.

These are three excellent choices for mounting a smartphone to a clutch.  We have been big fans of RAM for many years and their lifetime warranty gives that mount a great advantage.  If you would prefer a mount that is not as tall, the Techmount is an excellent choice as it is lower in profile than the other mounts mentioned within this article.

We always recommend using tethers on motorcycles when mounting your phones.  You can read more about device tethers here.