iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount Product Review

iOttie Easy One Touch Car MountThe iOttie Easy One Touch car mount is a nice entry that’s been available for several years.  The mount can be used on your windshield or car dashboard.  Like most suction mounts, this is includes a cradle and a base.  It comes packaged with clearly illustrated instructions on how to use the mount.  Looking at the included instructions, they claim that the suction part of the mount is strong enough to hold a bowling ball and include a photo to attest to that.

The cradle is not overly substantial but is adequate to hold most phones.  The cradle expands from 2.1 to 2.9 inches.  My Apple iPhone 5s with an Otterbox Defender case fit nicely inside the cradle.  Them width of the cradle is enough to handle most phones including the iPhone 6 which is 2.64 inches wide or a Samsung Galaxy s6 which is 2.78 inches.  Larger phones such as the iPhone 6 Plus are going to be too large for this cradle.  Be sure to measure your device before purchase to ensure it will fit within the 2.9 inch limitation.

A nice feature of the cradle is the mechanism deployed for opening and closing.  There is a button on each side of the cradle that you press before inserting your phone.  This will expand the side wings to the maximum width.  Place your phone into the cradle and push it against the button on the back of the cradle.  The cradle will close tightly around the phone.  The bottom of the cradle has a drop down adjustable feature.  Twisting a knob on the back of the cradle will allow you to drop the bottom support legs about a half-inch as well as move it from side to side so that you can use a cable on the bottom of your phone.  Compared to many other adjustable cradles, this one is not as deep.

The suction cup mount features a sticky base with a lever.  Push the lever down to create a lock between the mount and the surface you are attaching it to.  This sticky base allows the mount to be deployed onto the dashboard in addition to the windshield.  The sticky base worked well on my textured dashboard.  If you continually remove the mount from your car, the stickiness of the base will diminish over time.  A trick to restore the sticky base is to rinse it warm soapy water and let it air dry before use.  Be aware that sometimes these sticky bases can leave a mark on your dash.  Although I didn’t experience the issue in the short time that it was used, be aware of the potential for the issue to occur.

The base has several adjustment points.  The attachment to the cradle has the ability to pivot and swivel 360 degrees.  The base mount will attach to your cradle using a three-pronged  mounting pattern which proved to be secure.  There is an additional adjustment midway on the mounting base.  Turn the know to loosen the mount and you can then adjust the angle and position of the cradle.  This is nice if using on your windshield and you wish to angle it down to the driver.

After using the iOttie Easy One Touch mount for a few days, I can recommend it for use on the dashboard or windshield.  It held up well to normal driving, didn’t fall off and held my iPhone 5s securely.  It was easy to install and remove and the cradle is kind of fun to open and close.