InfiniApps DuoMount CD Slot Smartphone Car Mount

When we run into a uniquely designed mount, we like to write a product spotlight about them.  The InfiniApps DuoMount CD Slot Smartphone Mount is the mount we are writing about today.  This is the first mount I have encountered that allows the mounting of two devices simultaneously using the car CD player as the mounting point.  I think it’s a great idea.  Let’s take a closer look.

We have written about magnetic mounts before and I continue to be a big fan of these types of mounts.  I like them for the simplicity of use.  There are no cradles to worry about and attaching your device is a simple matter of holding it against the mount and letting physics take over.  All magnetic mounts that I have seen work the same way.  You get a few metal chips or plates and attach them to the back of your device or the back of a protective case (like an Otterbox).  These types of mounts are very effective for lighter weight devices like smartphones, GPS devices or small tablets.

The InfiniApps DuoMount comes with four mounting chips.  One is rectangular with adhesive tape, another rectangular without adhesive and two circular plates.  I use a rectangular metal plate without adhesive inserted between the plastic case and rubber cover of my Otterbox Defender case surrounding my Apple iPhone 6s Plus and these work real well to adhere to a magnetic mount.

There are two magnetic bases that attach to the InfiniApps DuoMount.  One for each device.  Each base has a magnet within.  When you place your device with the metal chip near the magnet base, it sticks to the mount.  Simple as that.

The CD Player attachment is accomplished by inserting the blade part of the InfiniApps DuoMount into the player and then twisting the knob to expand the blade.  Be very careful not to over-tighten the knob to avoid damaging your CD player.  By the way, does anyone actually use a CD player any longer?  I know that I haven’t used mine in years.  Might as well mount a phone with the CD player slot.

The magnets can hold two phones at the same time, because it’s two mounts in one but you can also use the two magnetic bases to hold a tablet by placing two of the metal chips on the back of the tablet and use both bases to hold a single device.  This requires a little more skill as you need to ensure alignment of the metal chips with the same distance apart as the magnetic bases.  While I think this will work well on smaller tablets, larger tablets might be too heavy, especially if you are using a heavy case or skin.

The InfiniApps DuoMount CD Slot Smartphone Mount is a good mount for those that have more than one phone.  It frees up your cup holder or windshield space since you only need one mount for two devices.  It’s an innovative design that works for smartphones or GPS units.