Improving Phone Reception with the Wilson Sleek 4G and 3G

Wislon Sleek Car MountI don’t know how reception is in your part of the world, but here in Northern New Jersey, AT&T and Verizon seem to have the best reception by far.  While I am sure there are spots where it’s not perfect, the more populous parts of the state are very well covered.  I remember having T-Mobile five years ago and receiving an urgent phone call regarding a loved one’s health.  As the other person was crying on the other end, the T-Mobile reception cut off in the middle.  That was the last straw for me.  I quite literally went to AT&T that day and switched everything over.  It cost me a bundle with all of the break up fees but I could not have this keep happening.  While I know the cost is less than AT&T and Verizon, at least in New Jersey, you are paying for sub service.  Here’s where the Wilson Sleek comes in.

Since that fateful day five years ago, a company named Wilson Electronics (they have re-branded the company to weBoost) has invented a device which dramatically improves your cell phone reception.  Their line cellular signal boosters will improve both voice and data reception at home or on the road.  Their devices work similarly to a WiFi extender at home in that it picks up a weak cellular antenna signal then amplifies within your home or car.  Then just like that WiFi extender, it will transmit your voice or data more strongly than your mobile phone back to the tower.

Wilson makes these signal boosters in varying sizes.  Before AT&T and Verizon spent billions building out their network, they would sell a similar amplifier for the home and so does Wilson Electronics with their AG Pro line.  Since we typically talk about mounts and mobile electronics here on this site, we will concentrate on the cradle solutions that are offered by Wilson.  The Wilson Sleek line features a cradle to hold your phone plus a magnet mount antenna, mount and charger.  The cradle is designed for hands-free or Bluetooth operation which makes sense given that it’s illegal to talk and hold your phone while driving.  The Wilson Sleek entry-level cradle works well on 3G networks.

For 4G networks, Wilson now offers the Wilson Sleek 4G  which works the same as the Wilson Sleek just described.

Installation of the Wilson Sleek and Sleek 4G is easy.  The cradle has a slot on the back and will attach to the mount using that slot.  You will locate the antenna on the roof of your car or truck and then connect the wire to the cradle.  Power the cradle with the included charger by plugging one end of the power adapter into the car utility outlet, the other attached to the cradle.  Simply place your phone within the cradle and you are all set.

Depending upon the configuration purchased, Wilson may include an adhesive dash mount or windshield suction cup.  From what we can tell, the location of the actual cradle is not material to the performance of the Sleek.

Wilson offers a few mounts for the Sleek and Sleek 4G including the Wilson Electronics – T-Slot Mount Kit , Wilson Gooseneck Suction Cup Mount for Wilson Cradle Plus.  These are made by Wilson to fit their products so you can be sure of a good fit.