How to Remove the TomTom EasyPort Ball Mount

TomTom TTV Ball FittingThe TomTom EasyPort Mount has been available for a few years.  It’s coupled with a lot of TomTom GPS models including the VIA 110, 115, 120 Live, 120, 125 Live, 125, 130, 180, 220, 1505, 1535, and 1605TM and START 20, 45M, 55M, and 60.  I’m sure I am missing some models but its most TomTom GPS models that have a ball and socket design molded into the back of the GPS or in some cases, molded into the powered cradle.  I have used these mounts with my TomTom and it wasn’t the most reliable as it fell off the windshield continuously.  The biggest problem with these was the difficulty in putting it on the windshield and maybe that’s the reason for it always falling off.  The mount consists of a vacuum lock that is activated with a dial and a ball that fits into the socket on the back of the GPS.  The challenge is in fitting your hand between the GPS and the dial.  Not a lot of room while you are sitting forward in your car seat.  Add to it the frequency of taking it down and putting it up, and you might want to think about a different mount.

This article is written for those that want to replace their mount.  The photo that accompanies this article is my TomTom Start 1505M attached to a mount.

There are a variety of mounts available that provide alternative locations for your GPS which you can read about some of the options here.  All work on the same principle.  The ball on the end of the TomTom suction mount fits tightly .  Alternative mounts have a similarly sized ball which will fit the socket on the back of the cradle or GPS.  This article will teach you how to remove the TomTom ball mount from the device.  Be aware, if you choose to replace your TomTom mount, the ball size is slightly different from the Garmin Nuvi and those mounts are not going to fit the TomTom.

Before removing or inserting the mount, if your GPS is one of those that use a powered cradle, be sure to remove the GPS before you do this.

The TomTom GPS (or powered cradle) is tightly seated on the ball mount.  That’s by design.  When placing your GPS on the mount, you want it to remain still.  That’s accomplished by using a tight fit onto the ball mount.  To remove the cradle, grip the GPS with one hand tightly and the mount in your other hand.  Pull in opposite directions and twist at the same time.  I have found the twist to be critical in not having to call in The Hulk to do this.  It will take some force to do even with the twist because as already mentioned, it’s a tight fit on purpose.

Installing the cradle onto your new mount is similar but in opposite directions.  Place the GPS (or powered cradle) in one hand and the new mount on the other hand.  Push together and twist at the same time.  It’s going to require some force because of the design of the mounting system.  You’re all set to use your new mount.