Garmin GLO GPS and GLONASS Receiver Car and Aviation Mounts

Garmin GLO Car Dash MountThe Garmin GLO is a portable device that receives GPS as well as GLONASS signals.  For those unfamiliar with those terms, GLONASS is the Russian version of GPS.  Same concept but different satellites.  This portable unit receives both sets of satellites.  The Garmin GLO comes in a car and aviation model.  Both models transmit information to a mobile device using Bluetooth.

Mounts for the Garmin GLO series are somewhat limited.  There isn’t any display on a Garmin GLO, it’s just a black box with a status light that tells you if it’s on, off or about to run out of battery life.  The mounting requirement for a Garmin GLO is the same as any other GPS device.  It needs to see the sky clearly to get the signal from the satellites.

The car mount or aviation mount challenge with the Garmin GLO is the shape.  Your typical Garmin Nuvi car mount isn’t going to fit the GLO because there isn’t a socket or cradle available with it.  Fortunately Garmin has designed a few custom mounts for the Garmin GLO.

The Garmin 010-11832-00 Portable Friction Mount For Glo is the best mount in my opinion for the GLO.  It’s somewhat comparable to Garmin’s highly regarded Nuvi friction mount.  It has a non-skid bottom that keeps it in place on a car dash.  There is a molded GLO holder on the top of the mount which your GPS will fit into.  From my experience, these types of mounts are easy to use.  The key to successfully using any friction mount is to ensure your dash is free of any oils and not overly slanted downwards.  If your dash has oil on it, the non-skid bottom cannot grip properly and is going to slide.

The Garmin USB Power Cable is used to keep your Garmin GLO charged in the car.  This is the hardwire version of the Garmin USB charger.  These are good cables that typically are used to keep a GPS powered on a motorcycle.  When hooked up in a car, these go directly to the fuse box.  be sure to follow all manufacturer installation advice to ensure a successful installation.  I have heard of people cutting the end off a standard car charger and hooking it up to the fuse box.  Bad idea.  You need a hardwire cable with a fuse built into the cable.

Another entry is the Garmin 010-10838-10 Glo Belt Clip can be used to attach the GLO to your belt.  This one is for outdoor use for when you are hiking.  You will still need to be sure that the Garmin GLO can see the sky and capture the satellite signals for it to work properly.  Also be aware of limited 12-hour battery life on the Garmin GLO.  Having a second battery that’s fully charged is a good idea for longer hikes.

The Garmin GLO is a small device measuring 70″ x 1.65″ x 3.04″ and weighing a little over two ounces.  The Arkon Windshield Suction Mount for Bluetooth Receivers is a little out of the box thinking on my part.  This mount has been around for a long time and was initially marketed for GPS receivers when they looked like a hockey puck with no electronics in it.  The Garmin GLO is so small and light, this mount will work fine.  The mount comes with hook and loop fastening tape.  Stick one side to the GLO and the other to the mount.  The Garmin GLO will get a good view of the sky as it’s mounted directly on the windshield.