RAM Offers Versatility and Universal Fit with X-Grip Cradles

RAM X-Grip holders were first introduced several years ago with their uniquely designed X-Grip cradle for cell phones.  Since then, four additional sizes have been announced.  I would like to say there couldn’t possibly be room for any additions to the X-Grip line, but I’m betting we’ll be updating this post a few more times. The X-Grip concept is to pretty basic.  Easy to get your device in and out and make it fit regardless of the presence of a case or skin.  Also, make it compatible with the basic RAM mounting components.  This last point is important as it … Read more

What’s a Phablet?

Is your latest phone just a little smaller than a tablet but a little larger than a cell phone?  If so, congratulations, you an owner of a phablet (we didn’t make this up, it’s now a category of device). The functionality of phablets approach and in some cases surpass tablets.  Personally I feel a little strange using mine, feels a little like holding a tray up to your ear.  I’ll get used to it. There are a lot of phablets out there.  Samsung has the largest assortment with the Samsung Galaxy Note plus the S III/IV/V models.  As if that wasn’t … Read more

Castiv’s Musician Mounts for Apple iPhone, SmartPhones and Tablets

We recently discovered a company from Canada named Castiv.  Did you know there are now over 500 apps for guitar players?  Apps range from learning how to play to metronomes and lyrics.  The question with using a tablet or smartphone while playing a guitar is where to put it.  Castiv’s mount line specializes on providing a solution to that question.   Castiv makes some very innovative mounts that make use of your apps while playing a guitar or singing at microphone stand much easier.  Ever try to play a guitar with an iPhone on your lap?  Not easy! The current Castiv lineup … Read more

RAM Suction Cup Mounts

This is the second article in our series providing an overview of basic RAM Mounts.  Our last post profiled the variety of handlebar mounts.  Today we are going to cover RAM suction cup mounts. Suction cup mounts are the most popular for use in autos.  There are a few states that have laws forbidding placement of anything on the windshield of your car including California and Minnesota.  In those states, consider using a dash plate with many of these suction cup mounts. All RAM components have a lifetime warranty.  This is a huge bonus with a suction cup mount.  Many of … Read more

Some Good Desk Mounts for your Tablet

Remember when we used to get a newspaper delivered to the house.  This wasn’t too long ago.  Thanks to the internet and tablet computers, the demise of the printed newspaper is underway.  Newspapers that do not have a good internet strategy are becoming extinct.  I remember as a kid many years ago running outside in my pajamas before my neighbor could see me so that I could get the morning paper to read while eating my Captain Crunch.  I did this for many years until I slipped on the ice and fell.  Like any 10-year old kid, I got up … Read more

Mounts for Vertical Vents

We have been asking about mounts that will fit on vertical vents for many years and there are finally enough out there for us to discuss.  Most cars have vent slots that go across versus up and down and almost all vent mounts are made primarily for horizontal vents.  The reason for this is that vent mount use a clip that grabs onto the horizontal slat.  They are not made for verticals.  We have run into a few car models where the vertical slats were spaced at the same width as the vent arms and they fit ok, but for most vertical … Read more