Samsung Gear 2 Neo Watch

I recently discovered the Samsung Gear 2 Neo while on a recent shopping trip here in New Jersey.  A lot of people may not know that the Samsung Gear line has been out quite a bit longer than the popular Apple Watch. A huge amount of hype has circulated around the Apple Watch release.  An entirely new category of product called wearable technology is getting off the ground.  There’s a wide variety of opinions that range from this category being very limited to the greatest idea since the smartphone itself.  Personally, I think it’s somewhere in between.  I see a real use … Read more

Should I get the GPS Option in My New Car?

I have an Acura MDX with the Technology Package.  This included (among other options) a GPS system built into the console of my SUV.  After owning this vehicle for several years, I can tell you that I wished I saved the few thousand dollars I paid for the Technology Package and simply used a Garmin GPS or my favorite application in the world which is Waze.  For many years, Acura has offered the Technology Package to bundle several popular options of which the GPS typically is by far the most desirable and expensive of the components. The reasons go beyond … Read more

Mounts for Garmin Aera 795 796 GPS

The Garmin Aera 795 and Garmin Aera 796 were released earlier this year for aviation use.  These are great units that feature 3D Vision technology which shows a virtual 3-D behind-the-aircraft perspective of surrounding terrain derived from GPS and the pre-loaded terrain database.  It’s touchscreen so simply slide your finger across the screen to rotate the view and show land and water features, obstacles, runways and airport signposts in relative proximity to the aircraft.  That’s just one of the many neat features of this GPS line. This article isn’t about the Aera.  It’s about the mounts so let’s get started with that discussion. … Read more

Cell Phone Mounts for Wheelchairs

A recent walk through a rehabilitation center with patients carrying their cell phones on their laps reminded me to write this article.  Moving around in a wheelchair is difficult and having to worry about your phone while doing it makes it worse.  So here we go with some suggestions for cell phone mounts for wheelchairs. Although there are a few exceptions, most wheelchairs are built similarly.  They are constructed of metal circular bars with padding added to the armrest.  The diameter of the round bars are typically in the .75 to 1.25 inch range.  You will see some mounts out … Read more

Cobb Tuning Accessport V3 Mounting Options

The Cobb Tuning Accessport is one of the most popular monitoring and tuning solutions available.  Cobb Tuning has their headquarters in Texas.  They started out tuning Subarus and have turned their Accessport line into one that can be used for multiple brands.  Since this site concentrates on mounting solutions, we aren’t going into the technical details of the Accessport line, but will leave that for other review sites that have that level of expertise. So onto the mount discussion which fortunately, we do have a lot of expertise with.  The Cobb Tuning Accessport V3 comes with a cradle that the device will fit into. … Read more

Is Cell Phone Insurance Worth the Cost?

Is cell phone insurance worth the cost?  Maybe not. First a story.  The winter of 2014/2015 was a brutal one here in New Jersey.  It stuck with us until mid April.  Seemed like it wouldn’t end.  My driveway was a sheet of ice most of the winter.  Here in the northeast, we all are familiar with a term called black ice.  This is a condition where a thin transparent layer of ice covers your driveway or the roadway.  You aren’t aware of it since its invisible.  You only become aware of it when you walk or drive over it.  A clear … Read more