How to Mount a Drink to a Microphone Stand or Music Stand

For the ultimate in convenience, mount a drink to a microphone stand.  This surely beats placing your frosty beverage on a stool only to be knocked over by an overly exuberant guitarist.  We present several different methods for consideration by those wanting to mount a drink to a microphone stand. Technically, we aren’t mounting a drink to a microphone stand.  We are going to mount an accessory capable of holding a drink.  There are a variety of ways to do this.  All have the same basic premise in that the drink holder will mount to the stand using a clamp … Read more

Smartphone Telescope Mount and Adapter Ideas

The subject of a smartphone telescope mount came up when speaking to a friend during the big New Jersey blizzard of 2016.  He’s an amateur astronomer and was bragging about how he was taking photos of various constellations using his Apple iPhone.  I wasn’t aware you could do this, so we talking in-depth and I began to check into this further because it sounded like something I wanted to do as well.  This is called astrophotography.  Had not heard that term until today. With some research, I learned that while you could certainly hold your phone up to the lens … Read more

Is Cell Phone Insurance Worth the Cost?

Is cell phone insurance worth the cost?  Maybe not. First a story.  The winter of 2014/2015 was a brutal one here in New Jersey.  It stuck with us until mid April.  Seemed like it wouldn’t end.  My driveway was a sheet of ice most of the winter.  Here in the northeast, we all are familiar with a term called black ice.  This is a condition where a thin transparent layer of ice covers your driveway or the roadway.  You aren’t aware of it since its invisible.  You only become aware of it when you walk or drive over it.  A clear … Read more

Security Screws for Locking Tablet, Radio and Marine Mounts

The introduction of tablet technology, especially expensive tablets technology has led to the need for locking tablet mounts.  These mounts include a locking cradle to keep your tablet firmly in place.  The locking cradle is typically coupled with a flat surface mount that is screwed or bolted down.  Then you just need to worry about a thief armed with a screwdriver.  However, if you use security screws, you don’t need to worry as much. There are many applications and devices that benefit from the inclusion of security screws.  The expensive locking tablet mount is one.  Ham Radios are another device where … Read more

Mounts for Garmin Aera 795 796 GPS

The Garmin Aera 795 and Garmin Aera 796 were released earlier this year for aviation use.  These are great units that feature 3D Vision technology which shows a virtual 3-D behind-the-aircraft perspective of surrounding terrain derived from GPS and the pre-loaded terrain database.  It’s touchscreen so simply slide your finger across the screen to rotate the view and show land and water features, obstacles, runways and airport signposts in relative proximity to the aircraft.  That’s just one of the many neat features of this GPS line. This article isn’t about the Aera.  It’s about the mounts so let’s get started with that discussion. … Read more

Car Mounts for Edge Insight or Edge Evolution Performance Tuning Monitors

Edge Products, located in Ogden Utah, produces tuners, programmers, and monitors under several brands including Edge Insight, Attitude, Evolution and Juice.  A lot of owners of Edge products leaves the monitor or tuner on their lap or the passenger seat.  Many of these products have the capability to be mounted in a handy spot where it can be seen. Many of these monitors have a mounting pattern on the back.  If you see two vertical slots on the back, that’s what I’m referring to.  This is known as the dual T mounting pattern.  There are mounts made specifically with this unique mounting … Read more