Car Mounts for the Rocky Mountain Phantom-T Radar Detector

Arkon RDMET01 on Murano with Rocky Mountain Phantom-TThe Rocky Mountain Phantom-T radar detector is a tried and true device which has worked well for me over the years.  However, the included mount leaves a lot to be desired.  This is an expensive radar detector, yet the included mount leaves something to be desired.

The problem with the included mount starts at the small suction cups that are attached to the metal clip.  They tend to dry up and become ineffective.  Especially with weather extremes such as what we run into in New Jersey.  Very cold in the winter.  Very hot and humid in the summer.  Anyway, that mount didn’t last more than a year.  Removing and reinstalling the Rocky Mountain Phantom-T didn’t help either.  With any suction cup mount, repeated installation and removal reduces the lifespan of the mount.

Fortunately there are several good options available for mounting a Rocky Mountain Phantom-T Radar Detector so let’s take a look at what’s out there.

The photo that’s attached to this article is the Arkon Car Windshield Suction Cup Mount for Escort and Beltronics Radar Detectors.  It’s attached to the windshield in my Nissan Murano.  Well guess what, the clip that’s included with this mount fits the slot on a Rocky Mountain Phantom-T radar detector as well as the Escort and Beltronics models.  Pretty darn well too.  The included suction cup mechanism is infinitely larger and more secure than the mount that came with the Rocky Mountain Phantom-T.  There is a vacuum lever that improves the adhesion of the suction cup.  Like any suction cup mount, ensure your windshield is clean before adhesion.  The manufacturer has two year warranty on this mount.

Did you know that mounting anything on your windshield is illegal in several states?  I didn’t either until I was driving in California on business several years ago.  Driving along in my rental car from SFO with my trusty Garmin GPS on the freeway and was told about this when I got to the place I was going to.  Luckily I didn’t get pulled over and quickly resorted to a different mount for future trips.

So if you would like to mount your Rocky Mountain Phantom-T somewhere else, consider the Radar Detector Car Dash and Windshield Mount.  This mount can be used on the windshield or the dash.  It works differently from the mount provided by Rocky Mountain.  This mount attaches to the bottom of the radar detector using included hook and loop fastening tape.  The mount has a large suction cup attached.  The suction cup attaches to an included adhesive dash disk.  The dash disk is 80mm across and sticks to a clean flat dash.  The suction cup adheres just like it would on your windshield.  I kind of like a dash mount as it maintains an unobstructed view of the road.

Another type of dash mount is the Heavyweight Dash & Windshield Mount for Radar Detectors.  This uses a similar mounting base as the prior mount.  It also adheres to the radar detector on the bottom using included hook and loop fastening tape.  However, unlike the previous mount, this one included a bean bag that weighs about two pounds.  The bottom of the bean bag mount has a round plastic plate and the mount attaches to that plate same way is it would the windshield.  The bottom of the bean bag has a special bottom that keeps it from sliding around the dash.

All three of these mounting alternatives work well and in my opinion, better than the one that comes in the box.  The cleanest installation is the first mount, but if your needs are for a less obstructive mount, considering the second two is a worthwhile thought.