Arkon Truck Windshield Mount for Garmin and TomTom GPS

Arkon Truck Windshield Mount for Garmin and TomTom GPSWhen it comes to trucks and rigs, there aren’t a lot of windshield mounts that work well.  A truck has an extremely long reach to the windshield and I find it surprising that Garmin and TomTom does not provide an extra long mount, especially for the GPS devices made specifically for trucks.  .  The Arkon Truck and Rig Windshield Mount for Garmin Nuvi and TomTom GPS Devices is one that’s made for trucks.  The mount requires no tools, adhesive or special solvents.  It’s a good suction cup mount.

The challenge of mounting anything in a truck or rig is the distance from the windshield to the driver is often much greater than what one would find in a passenger car.  The typical windshield suction cup mount provided in the box by most GPS manufacturers is going to be too short for a truck as it’s only a few inches from the windshield to the end of that mount.  The second challenge is vibration.  Trucks vibrate more than cars.  You need a mount that will withstand vibration.  A flimsy mount doesn’t withstand vibration well.  Metal works best for minimizing vibration.

The Arkon Truck and Rig GPS Mount is a great solution for large vehicles.  The suction cup features a push down locking mechanism to create a vacuum seal and extra firm attachment.  The mounting arm is made of metal to minimize vibration.  The arm itself has an extension feature so that you can extend the mount from 14.5 to 18.5 inches.  The mount is extended by pulling or pushing on the lever that is attached to the arm of the mount.  Used with a GPS, the arm is firm and you can easily push the buttons on the GPS without it moving all over.

A very nice feature of this mount is the included adapters.  You get five adapter patterns to choose from.  The mount comes with the dual T adapter pattern which fits many older Magellan GPS models as well as the majority of Arkon cradles for tablets and phones.  There is a 17mm ball that is common to the back of all Garmin dezl and Nuvi cradles.  Just remove the cradle from the current mount and snap onto this mount.  If confused on how to do that, read our article on removing the Garmin cradle from the ball mount.

Also included are three additional adapters for the majority of TomTom devices including TomTom Easyport, TomTom Start, TomTom Ease and TomTom Via.  The most commonly used TomTom Adapter will be the ball which is common to the TomTom Easyport mounting pattern found on newer TomTom One and XL models and this Arkon mount is way easier and more reliable than the Easyport.  If you would like to read more about how to remove the Easyport mount, read our article on that topic.

As always, be sure to use your GPS responsibly.  Set it up before driving and if you need to interact with the device, do so when stopped.

The Arkon Truck and Rig Windshield Mount for Garmin Nuvi and TomTom GPS Devices is a great mount for your GPS and answers a vital need for truckers that would like to see their GPS easily in their vehicles.  I have used this mount in my SUV and can attest to the ruggedness of the build for a Garmin Nuvi GPS.