Apple iPad and Tablet Living Room Mounts

Large tablets, especially the Apple iPad, have become a central point of entertainment and communications for many people.  That brings us to the topic of today which is Tablet Living Room Mounts.

I was recently speaking to a friend who informed me that she doesn’t watch TV any longer.  I asked how she kept up on all the cool TV shows and movies.  She explained that she has a subscription to Hulu and watches the shows on her iPad.  She also explained to me how she lays down and balances her tablet on her legs.  Her idea is good in terms of savings some money on a huge cable TV bill but not so good in terms of comfort.  This article discusses how to use your tablet in the comfort of your home, especially the living room.

There are a few significant activities that you may be doing on a daily basis with your tablet.  Most notable is watching TV, movies, videos, etc.  If that’s the case, a mount which can be kept 5-10 feet from your eyes will work best.  You might need to supplement it with a Bluetooth headset or speaker if your tablet’s speakers aren’t cutting it.

The LEVO Deluxe Floor Stand for Tablets is one of the heaviest duty tablet mounts I have seen to date and is the mount in the photo that accompanies this article.  This mount with all Apple iPad models, as well as Samsung Galaxy and other model tablets measuring 8.5 x 11 inches or less, and weighing up to 4 pounds. These mounts work with or without a case or skin.  The tablet attaches to a unique back plate using elastic fasteners so pretty much any size will fit well.  It weighs about 30 pounds.  This is not a lightweight mount.  The mount height is adjustable from 30 – 56 inches and easily allows adjustment from landscape to portrait.  This is a serious tablet mount perfect your living room or bedroom.

The CTA Digital Floor Stand for Tablets is an adjustable mount for using your tablet at home.  A hands-free home mount is useful if using your tablet in the kitchen for recipes, living room for video conferencing or bedroom for watching videos.  This beats laying down with the tablet sitting upright on your chest.  This stand includes an adjustable cradle that opens from 6 to 8 inches which means that you will hold your tablet from the short sides (landscape).  The cradle can rotate so you can use it in landscape or portrait mode.  The overall height is adjustable from approximately 3.5 to 4.6 feet with a flexible 15 inch steel gooseneck.  Not as heavy-duty as the previous mount, but it comes at a lower price point.

If you have a living room table sitting in front of you and think that a tablet sitting in an upright position will work well, consider the Anker Multi-Angle Portable Stand for Tablets.  I am a big fan of Anker products and have used reviewed their portable battery solutions which I use every day.  I also use many of their cables.  They make good quality products at a fair price.  This is a simple stand constructed of aluminum.  Simply seat your tablet into the groove on the stand and it stays on any flat surface.  Conveniently adjusts to a multitude of different viewing angles at the press of a button.  This is a simple and inexpensive solution.

OK, last but not least, for my friend that insists on laying down on her couch we present the Tablift Tablet Stand for the Bed, Sofa, or Any Uneven Surface.  I must admit, this is a pretty creative tablet living room mount.  This fits almost all tablets as long as it doesn’t have a thick case or skin.  There are four flexible gooseneck legs attached to the mount and you adjust them to keep the device steady and within viewing and listening range.

These tablet living room mounts are excellent for watching video on your device.  They also provide a very convenient way of using your iPad for FaceTime.  Ever speak to someone on Facetime and five minutes into the conversation you see their face slowly begin to leave the screen?  Keeping your tablet in a stationary mount will minimize that from occurring and make using your iPad a lot more enjoyable for video chats.  Any of the four mounts outlined within this article will work well for Facetime or any video chat as well.