How to Remove the TomTom EasyPort Ball Mount

The TomTom EasyPort Mount has been available for a few years.  It’s coupled with a lot of TomTom GPS models including the VIA 110, 115, 120 Live, 120, 125 Live, 125, 130, 180, 220, 1505, 1535, and 1605TM and START 20, 45M, 55M, and 60.  I’m sure I am missing some models but its most TomTom GPS models that have a ball and socket design molded into the back of the GPS or in some cases, molded into the powered cradle.  I have used these mounts with my TomTom and it wasn’t the most reliable as it fell off the windshield continuously. … Read more

Lots of New TomTom GPS Models, Not a Lot of Mounting Options

Where do we start?  TomTom has introduced so many new GPS units over the past six months.  We have difficulty keeping up with customer inquiries on new models.  As usual, this company makes a nice GPS. Roughly 10 models of the TomTom Via series, another ten for the TomTom GO.  And to add some additional confusion, the model numbers seem to overlap the TomTom XXL series (prompting a few to buy the wrong model accessories) TomTom continues to be a prominent player in the GPS market.  Features are market leading and keep track fairly well with Garmin (the other market … Read more