Tablet Mounts for Wheelchairs

I had to make several visits to a rehabilitation center last year.  I noticed a few patients getting around in wheelchairs with a tablet in their lap.  It didn’t look easy.  There appeared to be a fine balance between moving the wheelchair forward and not dropping the tablet.  These weren’t powered wheelchairs.  Today we’re talking about tablet mounts for wheelchairs. A good wheelchair mount needs to be able to do a few things right.  First, it needs to be easily installed somewhere on the wheelchair without drilling holes.  I like to use clamp and vice bases for this application. The wheelchair … Read more

Arkon Gooseneck Tablet Mount for Wheelchair Use

The Arkon Table Desk or Wheelchair Tablet Clamp Mount has been available for a few years.  It is one of the most useful tablet mounts for wheelchairs and hospital beds that I have seen.  It’s also going to work well for tables and desks.  It’s a very well made product and backed by the manufacturer’s two-year warranty.  Let’s take a more detailed view and discuss practical application of this product as a wheelchair tablet mount. I recently visited someone in a rehabilitation facility.  Naturally there were a lot of patients in wheelchairs.  They were mostly, if not all, patients that were there … Read more