How to Use a Suction Cup Mount on a Car Dashboard

Back when car mounts for GPS devices and cell phones were first available, you had one choice for placement and that was the windshield.  Times have changed a lot in the mobile device mount industry over the years and now there are mounts for almost anywhere.  Ironically though, the variety of mounts available for a car dashboard are somewhat limited.  This article is for those that want to use a suction cup mount on a car dashboard.  This article should be of special interest to those living in states where mounting a device on the windshield is illegal. Your average … Read more

Using a Suction Cup Mount in a Cup Holder

No, that’s not a typo in the title.  Today we are talking about how to use your suction cup mount in a car’s cup holder.  This is a pretty nice idea.  I have always thought that vehicles have more cup holders than you could possibly have drinks, so go ahead and use one of them as a place to put your GPS, smartphone or even small tablet.  I have an SUV. There are two in the front middle, one in each of the four doors, two more embedded into the rear seat armrest and another two in the back where … Read more