Car Sunroof Mounts for Smartphones and Tablets

Just when I thought we covered every possible mounting location for a phone or tablet, along comes one that we missed.  Today, we discuss car sunroof mounts for smartphones and tablets. So why would one want to mount their device on the sunroof?  To entertain the backseat passengers.  In the past, I have always recommended a good car headrest mount for this purpose.  Seemed like a great location for a tablet.  Even chose my favorite car headrest mount which we discussed in this article.  Then today, someone mentioned the sunroof to me.  I really never thought of that before, but … Read more

Portable Car Dash Mounts

A portable car dash mount makes a lot of sense for several reasons.  Most obvious is that it’s always a good idea to avoid pasting anything permanently to your vehicle if possible.  While it can be removed, it involves some work as can be read in our article called Removing a Car Adhesive Dash Mount.  It’s been one of our most widely read articles since we first published it.  Second reason for a portable mount that a permanent mount is an indication to a potential burglar that you may have something worth stealing in your car.  Lastly, if you live in … Read more