How to Install a Car Seat Bolt Mount in Under Five Minutes

This article is for those thinking about or have already purchased a car seat bolt mount.  Installation of anything in a car can be a daunting process.  Especially whenever it involves tools.  We’ll show you how to install a car seat bolt mount. Car seat bolt mounts can be used to hold almost any device.  It’s a great place for installing devices that do not require constant viewing by the driver.  Devices such as satellite radio and tablets work well with a car seat bolt mount.  I’m not a fan of using a car seat bolt mount for GPS purposes … Read more

Police Scanner Car Mounts and Holders

A police scanner is used to catch the action from local police departments.  Several years ago, these were fairly inexpensive because none of the transmissions were scrambled.  Today, it’s a bit different as many local frequencies are scrambled and require a more expensive police scanner to decode the scrambling. Police scanners come in many different sizes.  The sizes range from full tabletop to a handheld device.  Most police scanners come in the smaller handheld size.  This article will cover police scanner car mounts for the smaller handheld models. There isn’t such a thing as a custom mount for a police scanner. … Read more

Phone, GPS and Tablet Mounts for a Vintage Car

We’re going to talk about where to mount a mobile device within a vintage automobile.  I’m sure the designers of any vintage car never dreamed of what we’re using today, let alone mounting it in a car. When you think about almost any vintage car, the typical places where we would like to mount a phone, GPS or tablet start to become difficult to find.  Depending upon when the vintage car was manufactured, there may not be an air vent because there wasn’t any such thing as air conditioning.  A cup holder in a vintage car?  Don’t think so.  CD … Read more

Car Laptop Mounts

The size of laptops sure has shrunk over the past five years.  I remember a short while ago, lugging a seven pound monster back and forth between my home and office.  Battery life was a few hours and you used a telephone modem to connect to the internet.  Today, if you are using a laptop, they weigh less than a few pounds and many don’t even have an Ethernet connection, simply using the wireless adapter to connect.  Depending upon the manufacturer and capability, the laptop may not even have any USB ports. There are a lot of choices for mounting … Read more

Car Seat Bolt Mounts for Tablets, SmartPhones and Sirius Radio

Car seat bolt mounts have been around for 15 years.  The first one that I ever ran into was from a company called Arkon out in California.  They made a 15-inch seat bolt mount for your satellite radio.  This was infinitely better than the sticky mount that you got with your XM Radio which fell off the dash the first hot day in July.  I really thought I was a genius when I found that.  Even though it was only 15 inches high, it placed the radio at the perfect location and I never had to worry about the sticky … Read more